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Eddie Mac's Underexplained NXT Slammy Ballot

Good news, everyone: NXT's getting its own Slammys. Sort of.

Who needs analysis? You need winners. And winners is what I'm gonna give you. And little explanation. By the way, you can vote on these awards using the links provided through January 6, with the winners to be announced on the first new show of the year on January 13. So feel free to disagree in the comments and vote for your favorites.

Overall Competitor (i.e. MVP, I suppose): Sasha Banks.

I think it's Sasha Banks. It could be Bayley. Possibly Bayley. Maybe even Kevin Owens, even though he was there for like five minutes. Or THEDEMONFINN. Hell, even Sami Zayn if I wanted to use "the 2-14 theory" (Ok, I'll explain for those that need it: remember that one year when Peyton Manning sat out the whole season due to neck injury and the Colts went 2-14 and people were clamoring for him to be the MVP because, you know, see how much he means to this team? Yeah. The 2-14 theory). Honestly, it could be Samoa Joe. But he has like an 8 1/3 chance of winning (10% actually given the options).

Fuck it. I'll be contrarian. Asuka's my vote. She has zero losses in NXT in 2015. I don't care if it makes sense. I love her that much. It probably will be Sasha Banks though. I wouldn't be mad. If it's Charlotte or Tyler Breeze though, we gonna fight.

Male Competitor: Kevin Owens.

He came, he made an impact, he left. That's how NXT's supposed to work. Go, make an impact, move up. That's it.

Female Competitor: Sasha Banks.

But honestly, can we give like all five of them a piece of the award, like at the end of Mean Girls? Maybe even a piece to Emma too for resurrecting her career and to Dana Brooke for being... you know... competent? Yeah. One-seventh of the award each to Bayley, Sasha, Charlotte (yes, including Charlotte), Becky Lynch, Asuka, Dana Brooke, and Emma.

Tag Team of the Year: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady.

This award is forfeit for one reason: SHOOT NATION (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable) is not nominated. Team I'd take out...Blake and Murphy. Cause we all know that's all Alexa Bliss.

Now that I think about it, one-eighth. Cause Alexa Bliss deserves a piece of female competitor too. Yes, 1/8 of the award to each of the ladies.

Match of the Year: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks (Takeover: Brooklyn).

My second choice would be the 30-minute rematch, but simply for the atmosphere, I gotta go with Brooklyn. Oh, and the Respect bout is just as good as Brooklyn.

Takeover of the Year: Brooklyn.

It was better than the second biggest show on the WWE calendar. Held in that same building. The very next night. And definitely better than the RAW the night after. And the RAW that was in that building recently.

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