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Royal Rumble 2016: Who's The Fourth?

This Sunday is the Royal Rumble from the Impact Zone Full Sail University Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. 29 men will try to eliminate Roman Reigns... and whoever else is in their way for the right to call themselves the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, while Roman will try to be the one man left standing in a true one versus all match.

But if we're being honest, I mean really, really, really honest, there are at best only three men that can win this Royal Rumble: the champion Roman Reigns (who will be starting from #1, surprise, surprise), Brock Lesnar, the beast incarnate with the big bank account, and Chris Jericho, who's been interjected into the main event because, let's be honest, all the big names are gone. And if not Chris Jericho, probably COO Triple H, who is rumored to be one-half of the Wrestlemania main event for the simple reason that he's one of the only healthy main eventers available.

I'm pretty much going to assume that Reigns, Lesnar, and either Helmsley or Jericho will make three of the final four. So I guess that leaves one question: who's the fourth?

So I'll leave it to you: who will make up the final member of the 2016 final four quartet? Or do you have a different final four?

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