Finally, a WWE show in India

I've been a fan most of my life. I was a fan through the hogan era, the attitude era, the wcw phase, the shovel era with trips, the bork lazer ascension and descent and for a while in college I missed watching the product but in hindsight I've only missed Cena vs Orton ad nauseum so I was anyways back by the summer of punk. This time, I was a smark. And it hit me that through 24 years of existence I had not been to a wwe show in India (though there were only two) and when ads popped on TV saying that they were gonna come around the new year, I jumped at the chance of seeing them. It didn't matter that the show was at the other end of the country, I was gonna be there for sure. So, when my tickets arrived a week before the show, it began what can only be called an experience of a lifetime.

We arrived at the venue two hours early and had enough time to take pictures with all the banners they had put up. sadly there was no interactive session with the stars provided and the security was over the top. I couldn't afford anything at ring side so I settled for the bleachers but I saw the crowd was more than I expected and the arena was almost full. Given that most Indians ridicule anyone following wwe saying that it's 'fake', I did not expect such a varied turnout.

The show started on time and the first match was Kane vs Big Show. Pretty standard slow stuff. I tried to get a "Please retire" change going when show started playing heel but all I got was looks of utter shock from the people around me. Anyways Kane won via top rope choke slam and big show somehow turned into a baby face by the time he left so that was that. Next was Chad Gable vs Kishan Raftaar ( I had not heard of him before as well) in a match from NXT. Jason Jordan interfered and another Indian guy made the save so naturally a tag team match was made, playa. The Indian duo won via double Boston crabs and then it was revealed that the other Indian was called Jeet Rama. I was angry that they were given such obviously Indian gimmicks but then, not everyone can be Sami Zayn so I joined the rest of the crowd in mild applause for the rarely promoted winners. Charlotte won over Summer Rae in a title match via submission but the surprise here was in Summer's improvement in the ring. Yes, she pandered a lot but the match also got the first "this is awesome" chant from the crowd. Go figure.

The big guy came out next for a match and the crowd transformed into fire flies for his opponent, Bray Wyatt. This was a hard hitting hoss match which was actually better than their PPV match from last year. In the end, Wyatt almost hit his finisher but Ryback won clean via Shellshocked. The crowd was really into the match here but they had an intermission after this. Tyler Breeze came out after the break to a very good reception though they didn't have a live feed from his selfie cam to the Tron. Having read the Vince not high on Tyler article earlier, I found it really surprising. While we expected his opponent to be Ziggler, it turned out to be D-young who won quickly with a roll up. So Tyler gets on a mike and asks for another opponent who then turns out to be, you guessed it, Titus O'Neal. This was smaller than a squash with Titus winning with only one move. So the ultra competitive crowd sends Breezus home with chants of loser. The NXT fan in me died a little. A six man tag team match featuring the new day and the usos with a certain show off. The match was fun as expected and I was surprised at the support that the unicorns got, even if it was from the minority. Dolph was crazy over and took the hot tag to a triple super kick on Woods for the win. Also to be noted, Francesca was seen alive and in high tunes after the assault from Y2J the last week. I tried to get a "New day rocks" chant going while they left but the kid in front of me asked why I was supporting the guys who lost. The innocence of being a young fan baffled me for a moment.

The main event was a title match between Romey and Ru-Ru. The crowd went wild when reigns entered and chanted "Roman" although I snuck in a few for my fourth favourite Wyatt family member, Rowan. They had the whole shebang for this match including false finishes, referee bumps and rusev was the only heel apart from Charlotte who actually hit his finisher. In the end, reigns won to send the crowd home happy. He also said that he wouldn't have been here if it wasn't for Cena having to undergo surgery but thanked the crowd nevertheless. Also to be noted, Cena sent out a recorded message apologising since he couldn't attend. Trips had one at the start of the show to get the crowd 'ready'. Although the smark in me would've felt sad, maybe even angry, the fan went home with a big smile. Hopefully the show and attendance gave enough reason for them to return to India. That's all from me Cagesiders. Be sure to send in your thoughts in the comment section below.

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