Killing Credibility #1 Current WWE Titles.

Now many of us here know that wrestling championships aren't won legitimately. However most wrestling promotions try to put their titles on deserving competitors who are believable. This makes the title seem important and prestigious. But sometimes wrestling promoters make stupid decisions and decide to put a title on a completely unbelievable person. So today we're going to look at the titles in WWE that are currently active. But before we begin a few rules.

1. I will be breaking up title histories into when they were controlled by certain companies. i.e. The WWE US Title for me Starts with Booker T's first reign and goes up to ADR's current reign.

2. I will combine certain title histories if I feel there is no real difference between titles. i.e. the WCW Lightheavyweight Title and the WCW Cruiserweight title.

3. Some credibility killers will be concepts or events for the title themselves rather than champions specifically.

With those rules out of the way on to the list.

1.WWEWHC. Least Credible Champion- Vince McMahon.

Look I understand that some promoters/owners of wrestling organizations want everyone to know they're the man. But that damages the credibility of your title. When Mr. McMahon, an untrained wrestler mind you, won the title he was 54 years old. There is no excuse for that. No one should feel the need to please their ego by damaging their company's product. If there's 1 good thing Vince did it was vacate the title 6 days later.

2. Intercontinental Championship. Least Credible Champion- Santino Marella (second reign).

Now some of you may be wondering why I specified a specific reign. Well to understand the reason we need to go back in the history of WWE. In 1999 Chyna, a woman, won the IC title becoming the first woman in WWE history to win a male focused championship. Also in 2000 she won the title again in a mixed tag match by pinning Trish Stratus.

Now fast forward to SummerSlam 2008. Kofi Kingston and Mickie James went into the match as IC and Women's champion respectively. Their opponents were Santino and Beth Phoenix. The match was set up as a winner takes all match. During the match Beth pinned Mickey and won the match for her team. With the precedent set by Chyna why didn't Beth win both titles? It broke with established rules and took some credibility from the title.

3. US Championship. Least Credible Champion- Bret Hart

Now some may be surprised by my choice. How could I chose the Excellence of Execution as my least credible US Champion? Well here's the thing, he was 52 when he won it. Bret Hart was an amazing wrestler probably Top 10 all time, but by that point he had suffered concussions, a stroke, and he was 52. At that point in his career Bret shouldn't have been winning championships. As with Mr. McMahon Bret's reign was short as he vacated the title a week later.

4. WWE Tag Team Championship. Least Credible Champions- John Cena & David Otunga.

This never should have happened. At the time John Cena was forced to work for the Nexus. So at Bragging Rights 2010 he and David Otunga 2 people who hated each other in story line managed to defeat a cohesive team of Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. Oh and to make matters worse David Otunga was ordered to lie down the next night so Heath Slader and Justin Gabriel, also a part of Nexus, could win the titles. This whole thing was pointless.

5. Diva's Championship. Least Credible Champion- Calling it the Diva's Championship.

Now don't get me wrong there have been some bad wrestlers as champion like Brie Bella and Kelly Kelly. But the thing that kills this title for me is the name. We've all said how stupid and demeaning the name of the title is. How can I take this title as prestigious and desirable if the name of it alludes to a stuck up vapid woman? I can't. But if you want my weakest champion I would say Kelly Kelly.

And that's my list. Disagree with my choices? Let me know who would you pick in the comments.

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