Hey Vince, Why Don't You Try To Grab Our Brass Ring?

Hey Vince, we

Hey Vince, we're stopping your've had more than enough time to get over.

After reading Bill Hanstock's recent piece on VKM bringing Prince Pretty's push to a sudden halt, I thought it was about time that Mr. "please retire already" McMahon should perhaps get a taste of his own medicine.

As far as an authority figure on-screen goes, I have to give it to Vince - he's still got it.

However - in the booking/storyline/running the WWE department - he is falling woefully into the mid-card at best.

Lots of strange decisions that have not been in the best interest of your shareholders AND viewers (since they're steadily falling off AND attendance numbers at live events has been mediocre at best as of late), and you expect us to really want to watch this product you put forth?

I'm sorry Vince, but your son-in-law has surpassed you in many ways. How, you ask? NXT is a very good product that is more suited for the times AND the real fans of professional wrestling, NOT the drivel you call "sports entertainment" (God, I hate typing that word).

Perhaps you should get demoted to TNA, since Lucha Underground, NJPW, NXT, and ROH all put forward a more compelling product that your current main roster shows do - and that's just sad. Especially when you consider the current roster of talent at your disposal (sans injured performers) - there's no reason why you should book the nonsense that you do.

With no competition (in your eyes equal to a Dub-ya-Cee-Dub-ya back in the day), you should still be creating compelling stories that keep us on the edge of our seats, leaving us wanting more. You know, must-see TV or live events?

I don't consider your main shows (RAW and Smackdown) to be "appointment" viewing anymore. In fact, I'm lucky if I bother to watch anything on the main roster anymore except for the monthly PPV events. I really have the WWE Network for NXT. So, you could say that I am being "real" when I say that I watch the "NXT Network" (this is supposed to be the "Reality Era", right?)!

So VKM, here's me voicing the opinion of all of the "smart fans" all over the world: give us something with a little bit of edge OR meat to it; make most of us care OR collectively give a sh*t about your flagship programming; give us some real "reality" in our choreographed wrestling shows.

Oh - and BTW Vince - please stretch the hell out of your comfort zone already, and reach for our brass ring.

Go ahead - we collectively dare you.

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