Booking From the Seats: Luke Harper

YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAAAAHHH! We're going to book Luke Harper today, and I'm going to be very angry. But first.....

As always, the tiers are as follows (for a full introduction to Booking from the Seats! click here):

1) Tag Team: these individuals are best suited for tag team duty. This isn't a demotion. New Day and PTP are clearly tag guys, but also some of the most over on the roster.

2) Lower Card: This is comprised of mostly jobbers and enhancement talent, but also of guys who clearly have a future they are just too new and raw to stand out. Lower card guys can get significant story time and should be important as well!

3) Midcard: In theory this should be the division most populated. Should normally beat tier 2, but they aren't in the higher ranks. These are the guys who really carry a show between hot angles.

4) Upper Midcard: This is where you have guys who might not be main event level, but should consistently beat everyone outside of the top tier. This tier has a lot of champions, as they are strong enough for both secondary and primary championship titles. (The latter normally as a transitional champion.)

5) Main Event: This doesn't just involve the title holder, but anyone who is consistently trusted with major angles that drive the show. Even when Cena isn't competing for the big belt, he's still a centerpiece of the show.

6) Part Timer: These individuals normally exist outside of the everyday WWE canon. (HHH is a part-timer but is exempt from this rule.) They seldom appear in ring, and when they do it is normally to pop ratings or ppv's.


Okay, let me take a deep breath.


If you look at the way Luke Harper is viewed in WWE's eyes, he might actually be even below a midcarder. This is insane. When the Wyatt family struggled out the gate, they started focusing more on Luke Harper's in-ring skills. Not surprisingly, they started getting over. That Shield and Wyatt Family feud everyone loved? Harper did the lions share of the ring-work. All those really good Usos/Wyatts tag matches? Again, Luke Harper. The good IC title feud that made Ziggler look like a million bucks, and was a meaningful IC feud? Once again, Harper was a huge part of that.

Most importantly, their current main event babyface that is struggling to get over? He has really good chemistry with Harper, and Harper always manages to make Roman look like an unstoppable force. Anything like this screams upper midcard. When we choose our gatekeepers, Luke Harper will almost inevitably be my gatekeeper pick if he's in the upper midcard. When the Wyatt family inevitably breaks up due to stagnation, maybe they'll start taking Luke Harper seriously, as he's one of the top workers in the company, and is the best big-man the WWE currently has.

What say you, Cagesiders?


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