The (Bullet) Holes In WM32

I don't know about the rest of the fans of WWE, but I myself am getting sick of watching old part timers i.e. (Triple H, The Rock, Sting, Undertaker) being brought in for Manias and expecting them to draw money every year. There was a time when WWE didn't have to do this when they relied on stars they had made or younger stars to be able to help a Mania card and draw money. The WWE has a possibility to go back to its old ways this Mania and heres how.

The rumored main event for this years Mania is now Triple H vs Roman Reigns. Something I'm not to fired up about. The way I think this match should end is simple. Roman and Trips are duking it out countering finishers false finish after false finish when all of a sudden the lights are cut off. Over the speakers you hear gun shots (which idk if that would be a good idea or not seeing how it be dark and gun shots tend to scare people) so if you don't wanna go with gun shots just let it be dark and when the lights come back on in the ring is Finn Balor Aj styles and the other members of the Bullet/Balor club. The men attack both Triple H and Roman leaving the two men laying in the ring ending Mania's main event in a DQ.

The next night on Raw Triple H and Roman are cutting promos on each other and again the lights go out and when they comeback on the men are no where to be found, this happens again during the show just to build anticaption, cause why not. At the end The authority and Roman have another argument and the lights go out, this time when they come back on, the Club is in the ring and they lay waste to the two men. Finn is the leader of the group so he speaks saying how he's mad at Triple H for "holding him back" making him go to NXT and how Roman was crowned the Golden boy coming out of the FCW and the Shield.

Finn and Aj take turns wrestling Roman and Ambrose because I assume they will still be best buds up until then, sadly the two man can't every win against the leaders of the Bullet Club. This rivalry keeps up until Battle Ground where the main event is Finn and Aj vs Roman and Ambrose, the match is pretty much a squash but just as Finn goes to pin Roman the lights go out, Again Bullets are sounded and in the middle of the ring stands.... Seth Rollins, who stands there just smiling all four men look at him wondering who he's going to side with, super kicks Finn and than delivers a Curb stomp to Aj after a super man punch from Roman and helps his old two pals get the W.

This is just a weird idea I had in-between classes today and wanted to put it out there and see what people thought let me know

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