Royal Rumble Match Fantastic Fantasy Booking

Hello Cagesiders!

This is my first time, be gentle with me.

Let me know what you like or dislike, and if i get a little action maybe I will show you my Dream Wrestlemania 32 Line up, with outcomes that will have some great storylines for the post WM.

Here we go!

Reigns and Big Show enter to start, and Reigns quickly drops BS out to keep the crowd hot.

Jericho enters at 3, followed by Goldust, Seamus, AJ Styles, Stardust, and the Miz. The ring is starting to fill as Erick Rowan starts his walk to the ring at #9, to only be jumped by Curtis Axel, who finally enters the Royal Rumble!

Goldust and Stardust get brawling and tumble out together!

ADR enters next, and is dropped by Reigns, who then tosses Seamus, and then throws ADR on top of Seamus outside the ring.

Strowman enters next at #11, he tosses Jericho, the 12th entry Kalisto.

Lucky #13 is Dean Ambrose and he has the big man Strowman teetering when AJ Styles blindsides him and The Lunatic is eliminated relatively quickly. He goes full Lunatic and re-enters the ring and brawls AJ Styles to the outside. Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson join AJ outside and beat down Dean.

Still in the ring, there is Reigns, the Miz, Curtis Axel, and Braun Strowman.

Entrant #14 is the IC Champ Kevin Owens, who enters the fray fired up and quickly attempts to clear the ring. Both Axel and the Miz are tossed by KO, he counters a Reigns spear into a pop up powerbomb, and as he has Strowman nearly over the top....

That's SAMI ZAYN'S MUSIC at #15. Zayn goes right after a shocked KO, and Zayn hits a NASTY Helluva Kick to send KO out of the match. KO stays down and out for a while.

Kane is #16 and enters to slow the pace a bit with a face off with Strowman after dropping Reigns with a chokeslam.

The ring now begins to fill again as the next entrances are made by Dolph Ziggler (17), Bo Dallas, Kofi, Big E, Bray Wyatt, Adam Rose, Titus O’Neil, Ryback, and Luke Harper. Social Outcasts constantly seek out the Wyatts.

26th entry freezes all the wrestlers remaining when they hear who's coming, BROCK. The Beast quickly tosses Dolph and Kofi (who narrowly escapes elimination only to be tossed even further), Ryback and Titus. While this is going on Reigns tosses Kane. Brock and Strowman then lock up and keep each other busy as Heath Slater (27) and Rusev (28) enter the Rumble. Rusev entering signals the ring to clear for the final segment of the Rumble.

This leaves us, in order of entry, Reigns, Strowman, Zayn, Bo Dallas, Big E, Bray Wyatt, Adam Rose, Luke Harper, Brock Lesnar, Heath Slater, and Rusev.

Sami Zayn is working over Reigns in the corner, and has him teetering, when Kevin Owens comes to and pulls Zayn out. Pull apart brawl ensues.

Ruzev tosses Big E upon entering, Strowman tosses Rose, Heath Slater then sneaks up on Braun Strowman and knocks him out, but while Slater is celebrating, Bray Wyatt, who just got rid of Bo Dallas, gives Heath the heave ho. Bray goes toe to toe with Brock and gets tossed. Reigns gets rid of Luke Harper who is distracted by Bray and Strowman brawling with the Social Outcasts outside the ring. Brock is taking a breather in the corner while Reigns and Rusev go at it, and Rusev gets himself Superman punched out of the ring.

Reigns and Lesnar go nose to nose for the entire :10 countdown to entry #29. It's all about The Game, the King of Kings HHH walks to the ring with Steph in tow, and Brock smirks and steps away from Reigns.

Reigns and HHH go at it until Steph gets on the apron to distract Reigns, and HHH throws Roman over and out. Reigns in a rage, throws Steph over his shoulder and begins heading towards the back. HHH runs out to save his wife.

Now BROCK is standing alone in the ring with one wrestler remaining to enter the match. The countdown ticks to :00, and then we all hear "Flight of the Valkyries" and Daniel Bryan makes his triumphant return to the ring! Brock allows him to enter, then the staredown, and the fight starts. DB is trying to use his quickness and agility to stick and move away from Brock. Brock goes for a F5, and DB turns it into a DDT. Brock staggers to his feet and Bryan hits the BIG KNEE. Brock staggers closer to the ropes, ANOTHER KNEE. The 3rd KNEE THAT BEAT CENA tumbles Brock out of the ring onto his feet on the outside. Daniel Bryan celebrates as the winner of the Royal Rumble and new WWE Champion!!!

The Road to "my" Wrestlemania is all about building some strong fueds, and revisiting a few that deserve closure.

Next, my Road to...and my full Wrestlemania Card.

Thanks for enjoying!

I love you.

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