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Cageside Live! The 'Planet Brock' edition (Jan. 11, 2016 WWE Raw review)

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If you like monologues about Becky Lynch, have we got a show for you!

But so much has happened in the last week since we were last on air, dear Cagesiders, that we'll have to try to squeeze in a few other topics around this week's Ode to a Lasskicker.

John Cena may be gone for a while, but we're still here. And with lots to talk about, too, such as the hard-to-overcome Brock Lesnar entering the Rumble opposite the really-good-at-overcoming Roman Reigns, a new United States champ who might also be the new Rey Mysterio, whether Chris Jericho's wardrobe or one-liners are more unfortunate...

BREAKING NEWS! We're on Soundcloud...which should mean that iTunes and other RSS-y, audio-streaming dealies are on the way in 2016.

UPDATE! We're on iTunes!

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