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The REC Awards: December 27, 2015 - January 9, 2016

Welcome to a special double edition of the REC Awards. Now, because I did the Best of 2015 last week, I decided to combine two weeks into one power-packed issue.

Let's do this.

Note from author: Imgur is (to my knowledge) still being stupid, so please see the album link for the comments if you cannot see the links.



WWE House Show Report (Dec. 27, 2015): Chicago AND Why I’m a Mojo Rawley Girl - ThingsandStuff

Making the Title Matter: The Ultimate Prize - BlackjackXXI

My Pro Wrestling Guerrilla pilgrimage - rancho king

Cageside Live 2015 Top Ten - andrewmswift

Zentrification, Signing Off. - Zentrification


Comments (Album if Imgur gonna Imgur)

TheJayUNF has an idea for Curtis Axel in the Royal Rumble. drock1331 does some spontaneous defining:

IRodC reminds us of something important:

Anthony Steven Lewis has an idea for the Divas Title. NeonSpaceman! responds:

The Canadian Cynic tells us the truth about John Cena's nose:

Brigade17 marks. Freeze55, Flashking, and Fear the RUSH respond:

Coralskipper reminds us of something about the NJPW talent raid:

Vidence tells Sean Rueter to lay off:

Kane's #1 Director of Operations Mug has an idea:

Kane's...Mug has a reaction to Kevin Owens missing the League of Nations formation:

Brigade17 marks. Kane's...Mug responds:

Kevin's Teen has advice for Konnor:

Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman tries to make sense of a rumor:

Rohml reacts to same rumor:

Johnny_Cullen reacts to a Rock rumor:

Punk is Dead, TotalScrub, Zentrification, and caintheconfused debate team names for Jack Swagger and Mark Henry:

Various people react to Mauro Ranallo's excellent debut on SmackDown:

TheManTheyCallChef explains TNA's miracle:

Frfly puts a tin-foil hat on:

Full Nelson Reilly reacts to Vince McMahon flipping everyone off:

iTuna marks:

And finally, The Amazing A-hole and Punk is Dead react to Dolph Ziggler's recent luck:


That's it for this week's double edition of the REC Awards. Tune in for more goods next week!

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