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Rudo Radio, Episode 10, with fun facts about the Intercontinental Championship

Maybe RAW was secretly good this week? Plus, you'll never guess who's never won the I-C title.

We've got a full week of wrestling stuff to run through, plus some listener mail with some more great questions. Let's get right to the new episode of RUDO RADIO!

Click below to listen now!

On this week's episode of the podcast:

00:00 - Intro and new music by J.W. Friedman!
01:15 - RAW
01:35 - This whole Dolph/Rusev thing again (AKA "Poor Lana")
07:00 - Seth Rollins and Sting actually makes sense
12:30 - How does Sheamus cash in?
13:35 - Kevin Owens eats an apple
17:55 - How to fix the Intercontinental title
18:25 - Fun Intercontinental title facts!
22:28 - The New Day is the best thing in wrestling
28:30 - The Divas Revolution is moving into a strong second phase
30:45 - King of Trios happened
31:15 - NXT
37:34 - We should probably talk about Eva Marie
41:45 - Listener mail!

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