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The REC Awards: August 30 - September 5, 2015

Well, it is the end to one absolutely hellacious week in the wrestling world. Let's just get to these REC Awards and then we can forget all about how this past week absolutely went to hell...



Zahra Schreiber and why there's no place for anti-semitism in sports entertainment - Matthew Roth

The Villain WWE Deserves - DerekLavezzo

Taking the Diva out of the Revolution - kayfabe queen

The problem with RAW – not enough people putting over Triple H - sheepmask

One Night in Philly: An Inside Look at Ring of Honor - Barry Hess

What Might Have Been: Looking back on CM Punk and the state of WWE - Geno Mrosko + MatBurnz79

Sasha Banks and Bayley are having the best Twitter feud - Geno Mrosko

Why I Keep Watching WWE - ctre6

Nikki Bella is the True Antichrist of Professional Wrestling - BlackjackXXI

Breaking News: WWE Erases Entire Company History Prior to 2002 - NothingIsForSure


Comments (link to album)

First, MCAngulo and others worship that deity that is Xavier Woods' smooth hair

andrewmswift and others rage about what happened to Sasha Banks on Raw

Christopher Novak, MayorOfSuplexCityBitch, and others think about Nikki Bella's supposed Divas Title celebration

Wolfboy007 imagines how New Day celebrated Xavier Woods' birthday

Kevin Kostka and MayorOfSuplexCityBitch discuss John Cena's recent injury. TD70 responds

Jomosensual, Larrymentalboy, 5thHorseman, and others discuss possible partners for Ambreigns


The Amazing A-hole reacts to Dean Ambrose's overzealous fan:

TheCrow4Life has a name for Dean Ambrose and Renee Young. Sandow's Superior and bigd51 respond:

Zentrification has a warning for Dean Ambrose. ThingsandStuff responds:

Mrs. Black and Raging Jericholic react to Matt Roth's antisemitism article:

GrecoRomanGuy and TMadeBurner discuss Steve Austin's dislike of Stephen Amell:

Leia Blaze also disagrees for different reasons. YodaMcMahon and sevenyearitch respond:

49erLou has an idea for an upcoming Raw:

YodaMcMahon reacts to something in an article. MayorOfSuplexCityBitch responds:

The Five Count reacts to Blue Pants getting heat:

My Big Mouth fulfills a Photoshop request:

suiko quotes something from Bret Hart. M. GOMEZ responds:

South of Heaven and I. R. Smrt respond to Bret Hart's praise of Kevin Owens:

alexmonro83 speaks some truth. NothingIsForSure, ThePollux8, and suiko respond:

Jomosensual reacts to Bruce Hart's criticisms. The Canadian Cynic responds:

suiko puns:

The Amazing A-hole makes an astute observation:

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr. reacts to The Ascension aligning themselves with Stardust:

The Beast Incarnate speaks:

I. R. Smrt is relieved about WWE's MSG live show:

Pawl_Finebaum reveals Ambreigns' mystery partner. HubcapDave responds:

MayorOfSuplexCityBitch and Paul Crewe react to Nikki Bella's post-Raw promo:

Kagami has a take:

Dgarnett234 and Magnus Magnolius discuss Eva Marie and booty:

CaptainCharisma has a hope. Vidence quashes said hope:

MayorOfSuplexCityBitch (shortened to MayorB from here on) shows us who Kevin Owens rocked John Cena for. Larrymentalboy responds:

alexmonro83 talks about wrestling fans. MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns responds:

Magnus Magnolius has some ideas. ominousclaves and Jenzel Washington responds:

anthony.dewayne.mack and Rivan King go doodoo:

420_Glaze_It has words for Renee Young. treble1313 responds:

suiko has an idea for a future Raw. MayorB, The 984, and Sandow's Superior respond:

Midnight Deeds posts an appropriate GIF:

Kevin Kostka sums up WWE:

Midnight Deeds makes a major correction:

Jomosensual has a question. Larrymentalboy adds on another hope:

lofrothepirate provokes rage. D3ath_Knell, JimmyV723, and Spinning Sit-Out Sleeper Slam respond:

Magnus Magnolius has a realization. MayorB and Larrymentalboy respond:

Sean Rueter buries Randall Ortman. Cain A. Knight responds:

suiko has a question. Von Krieger and Tyler Kayata respond:

Raging Jericholic has an important question. Von Krieger gives the obligatory reaction:

suiko illustrates mind games:

nsuviolin has a question about Nikki Bella's upcoming celebration. Sandow's Superior responds:

Flashking has another idea:

Jomosensual reacts to the so-called "mind games". El Specifico questions the GIF, and GrecoRomanGuy answers:

Zentrification notes a return to tradition. MayorB and Frfly respond:

TotalScrub reacts to Stephanie McMahon selling stock. Zentrification and TheNewMovement84 respond:

Midnight Deeds have an idea for a repackaged Los Matadores. CMDrunk responds:

Midnight Deeds GIFs, provoking a true response from TotalScrub:

Raging Jericholic does some speculation. CarrollNT and PR Beat Monster respond:

TotalScrub also reacts to the rumored repackaging. Larrymentalboy points out something important:

Midnight Deeds has a great idea. ExplicitMoxViolence responds:

Zombie Shakespeare draws:

suiko shows us a proper flying stunner. MayorB randomly responds:

SethRollinsChairShot does some speculating. suiko, Flashking, Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman, Larrymentalboy, and TotalScrub respond:

Full Nelson Reilly does math:

Cain A. Knight also speculates. Kevin Kostka and Flashking respond:

Drew Nicholas, kmtierney, HubcapDave, Full Nelson Reilly, and South of Heaven react to the Twitter war between Sasha Banks and Bayley:

Juan Cena Guy reacts to Big E and Sasha Banks on a Segway:

srod6677 has a great idea. Full Nelson Reilly and D.E.O. respond:

Magnus Magnolius has a problem with said idea. Good responses follow:

BMAMag has a problem with this week's SmackDown:

jozymozy drops something:

Vendri reacts to the news surrounding Jimmy Snuka. nsuviolin, JoeySamoey, darkstar7646, and M. GOMEZ respond:

Casey Garner gives props:

HTown4Eva has a good question:

ThingsandStuff, Plan R, and FirstLadyOfSuplexCity react to the tortuous Summer Rae/Dolph Ziggler/Rusev/Lana love fustercluck:

Alfie Crow pulls a fast one for a women's main event:

SomePunkKidd, kmtierney, salvatore.cusmano, and SaskatchewanSpinningNerveHold remember:

LadyBlack, The Notorious Eddie Mac, Drew Nicholas, and TheNewMovement84 react to Zahra Schreiber getting canned:

Plan R endorses pants. Supercarla18 responds:

And finally, HubcapDave sums up this past week:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Let's hope for a better week, and tune in for next week's RECs!

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