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Rumor Look Back: Mar 1 - Mar 5, 2015

Welcome to this shortened edition of the Rumor Look Back. Since it was February six months ago and I go by the dates of the current week, there are only 4 days of rumors to look back on.

Let’s do it.

March 2, 2015

Vince McMahon was asked if creative needed to come up with an alternate plan for WrestleMania after his heated argument with Lesnar, to which he replied, "No."

The image of a shouting match between Lesnar and Vince is a scary thing.

WWE does not plan to acknowledge Rey Mysterio’s departure on TV or the WWE website due to how it may look to shareholders.

I do not recall any announcements. Do they even mention him at TV when it’s appropriate? I vaguely remember JBL recently talking about him but I could have dreamed that. Man, it would be scary if that’s what my dreams have become. (1/1)

Rumor has it Medusa will be announced for the Hall of Fame tonight.

She was. (1/1)

March 3, 2015

Word is the only promotions Rey Mysterio will be working with are AAA and Lucha Underground.

He has not worked with LU, only AAA at this point. I will put the LU bit in the outstanding column and we will address it later on. (1/1)

It is said that Kevin Nash will be inducted into the Hall of Fame as his Diesel character.

He was inducted as Kevin Nash. (0/1)

Snoop Dogg and Bill Simmons are set to guest star the March 23 Raw.

They were both on. Sasha’s cousin did a segment with Curtis Axel and He Who Shall Not Be Named. Bill Simmons called a match. (2/2)

Mark Henry is rumored for a spot in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania this year.

He was and was not much of a factor. (1/1)

Lana and Rusev are officially public with their relationship as TMZ announced they bought a home together near Nashville.

Man, that’s got to be really awkward. Do they both still live there? Does Dolph and Summer come by? Did they have to sell the house? So many questions!

March 4, 2015

WWE is thinking of having Undertaker show up for at least one Raw appearance prior to WrestleMania, possibly as soon as next week.

Nah. This feud couldn’t be bothered with half of it actually showing up on TV. (0/1)

Hogan will have a role at WrestleMania but it is unclear what that role would be.

That role would be working his last WrestleMania ever. And being part of the WCW style booked Sting/Triple H match. (1/1)

It is being reported that Samoa Joe has been signed by WWE and will show up in NXT later this year.

He debuted in March to set up a feud with Kevin Owens, which was never really paid off. (1/1)

It is not expected that the talks between Ring of Honor and Spike TV will go anywhere.

Instead Ring of Honor ended up on Destination America… for now. (1/1)

March 5, 2015

Despite lingering issues between Brock Lesnar and WWE, there is still some measure of confidence they will re-sign him.

The rumors are really heating up with Brock contract talks. (1/1)

If he does not re-sign, WWE may try to work that into the story to get fans to boo Lesnar over Roman Reigns.

I wonder if they would have played that at all if he didn’t sign a new contract.

Apparently CM Punk has lost enough weight to fight as welterweight instead of middleweight in UFC.

While that is likely, I’m still seeing a lot of "probably" in recent reports, so I’m going to put this as outstanding until a fight is officially announced.

The Observer is noting that Kevin Nash may close the WWE Hall of Fame over Macho Man Randy Savage because Nash able to give a proper speech himself.

That’s the case. The reasoning makes sense. (1/1)

It looks like the Andre the Giant Battle Royal will only have 20 men instead of 30 this year.

That isn’t true. They ended up adding much of the tag team participants into the match to reach 29 men. (0/1)


This week: 11/14 - 79%

Overall:  397/755 - 53%

Have a great long weekend, folks.

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