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Stone Cold Steve Austin 'embarrassed' by Stephen Amell match at WWE SummerSlam

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Stone Cold is not a fan of celebrities working matches in pro wrestling. And that's the bottom line.

On the latest "clean" edition of his podcast, The Steve Austin Show, the WWE Hall of Famer reviewed SummerSlam with frequent guest Wade Keller. And when they got to the match where Stardust & King Barrett faced Neville & actor Stephen Amell, the Texas Rattlesnake didn't mince words.

I just don't like the celebrities coming in there, the squared circle, and being able to compete at any level with the guys in the business [pro wrestling]. You've got to protect some integrity of the business. I don't care what day and age, what year it is.

Though not against having celebrities involved in the show, Austin compared it to a wrestler having a cameo in a movie. Amell's work at the pay-per-view (PPV) would have been like him getting a bigger role than Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables, he seemed to be saying.

It was what it was, but I just got a hard time seeing that kid come off with that crossbody on the top rope on two WWE guys down there.

None of which was helped by Michael Cole describing the loss as "embarrassing" for Stardust & Barrett. Stone Cold agrees with the assessment, but not in the kayfabe way the announcer used:

So was it embarrassing? You're damn right it was, but for the wrong reasons and the reasons [were] bad booking. It was for a shoot embarrassing to those guys to have to go out there and do that with the actor guy involved, but that's on a shoot level, so it was an embarrassment to the booking and I felt bad for those guys because they were in that role.

The six-time WWE world champ has bristled against the Vince McMahon's modern day presentation of the form in the past, arguing for looser control of promos and arguing with the Chairman publicly about "pro wrestler" vs. "sports entertainer".

From this fan's point of view, the booking that embarrassed the two heels had been going on long before the star of Arrow hit the scene, so it's hard to discern what role Amell played in how I view them presently.

What do you think? Does presenting a non-wrestler being able to hang in the ring with full-time workers expose the business in 2015?

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