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Didn't think it was possible to get more excited for Bayley vs. Sasha Banks at WWE NXT TakeOver: Respect? Watch this

I was pretty sure I was at max excitment for next week's 30 minute Iron Man main event between Bayley and Sasha Banks for the NXT Women's title at TakeOver: Respect.

But then they put this hybrid documentary-style recap and training montage for the bout in the final slot on tonight's 'go home' episode, and I'm asking why it isn't October 7 at 9:30PM Eastern yet.

Resisting the temptation to proclaim it an all-time great video, and to slap a bunch of adjectives on a match that hasn't happened, a program that isn't finished. But everything Bayley, Sasha and Team NXT have done for their feud has been a home run, and this is no exception.

THIS is how you create the "big fight" feel. THIS is a how you hype something historic.

Watch it. If you watched it during tonight's first run broadcast on WWE Network, watch it again. You won't be disappointed.

Is it next Wednesday yet?

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