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Rudo Radio Episode 13, in appreciation of SMILIN' KANE

Which three WWE Superstars should get their first world title reign next? We'll tell you that and a lot more on RUDO RADIO.

We're back again! This week's RUDO RADIO previews the Live from MSG special, asks an important question of the week and explains why SMILIN' KANE transforming into DEMON KANE was so dang wonderful.

Click below to listen now.

On this episode:

00:00 - Hello!
01:00 - What three WWE Superstars should be the next first-time world champs?
07:11 - Let's talk about RAW!
07:37 - Kevin Owens, man without a country, can save the I-C title
10:56 - The New Day, would-be U.S. Champions
22:03 - Natalya, what are you doing?
24:49 - Oh, King Barrett is back
26:36 - Great Reigns/Wyatt main event
28:39 - Braun Strowman doesn't want anyone to see his nipples
31:44 - Live from MSG preview
37:47 - The Big Show is the best big man in history
42:36 - (SPOILERS) Marc's report from Biff Busick's final Beyond Wrestling shows
48:19 - Listener mail
50:44 - Why aren't you watching Total Divas?
55:11 - NEW. DAY SOCKS.
55:51 - Dolph Ziggler's first good shirt
56:52 - Accidental Kevin Owens cosplay

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