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TNA Impact Preview (September, 30, 2015): The Go Home Show

TNA Impact returns tonight with just one week to set up the vast majority of their biggest PPV of the year.  With Bound for Glory just 4 days away, let's see what Impact tonight has in store.


1)  Ethan Carter and Tyrus vs. Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway

Last week, Drew Galloway won a five man match to become number one contender for EC3's title.  Later on in that Impact, after weeks of abuse, Jeff Hardy quit the job as Carter's personal assistant, a job he agreed to perform if Carter defeated Matt Hardy for the TNA title.  In quitting, he has lost his job in TNA... we assume.  It still hasn't been made too clear even after weeks of this story.

To push both angles forward, Drew and Matt will team up to take on EC3 and his bodyguard Tyrus.  Jeff Hardy has quit, but he'll likely be around.  Which brings me to #2.

2)  Dixie Carter announcers a special guest referee for EC3's title match at Bound for Glory

It's going to be Jeff Hardy, isn't it?  Wouldn't that be the most anti-climatic, lazy end to the fact he just quit.  A week after Jeff Hardy made the big sacrifice to keep his dignity sacrificing his job, would they really bring him back a week later and make that mean nothing?

Yeah, probably.  It's not as if Bully Ray can be the guy they slot into surprise spots any more.

I would at least prefer it be someone like Matt Hardy, who still has a job at TNA and then have Jeff make any impact later on through the crowd as someone who doesn't work for TNA any more.

3)  The Doll House vs. the Beautiful People

Wait, this isn't a PPV match?  Even without Angelina Love, this has enough story behind to do it at the big Pay Per View and not the Impact prior.

This should be a fun match.  It'll likely be a 2 on 3 handicapped match given the fact they used Rebel to replace Taryn this round of tapings and then Angelina was written off, but that's good so the faces can have the disadvantage to over come.  This may be the match I'm looking forward to most this show.

4)  Mahabali Shera vs. James Storm

While this is another longer running feud that should be on the PPV, given the fact that James Storm isn't with TNA any more, it's understandable that they did this one on Impact.

Mahabali Shera was Khoya of Storm's Revolution, but he had enough of being bossed around... and likely enough of the poor storytelling within the Revolution.  After he broke off, it lead to Manik and Abyss following in his path, leaving Storm alone.  Now, Shera will finally get the chance to get his hands on Storm for the months of abuse.

This will likely end with Storm going out putting over a younger guy and that's fine.  Shera has looked green in his matches prior.  Hopefully, with the help of Storm, he can have a strong match tonight in one that is the biggest he's ever had in TNA.


What we'd like to see.

1)  Some build for Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

Since these two have such a history, they don't need a huge amount of build for their up coming Bound For Glory match.  However, they should give us some reason to tune into the next chapter of their epic feud.  Instead of just relying completely on their past, TNA should add a little wrinkle into this upcoming bout.

This can be done with just a good promo from Gail or between the two of them to set up.  They should do something though.

2)  Bobby Roode.

Seriously, where's he been?  He wasn't on last week.  He wasn't involved in the TNA/GFW Lethal Lockdown battle.  He's the King of the Mountain champion but has been pretty much MIA.  Is he going to defend that title Bound for Glory?  If so against whom?

He's one of TNA's top talents, but he has been sorely missing from TNA programming recently.

3)  A reason to watch Bound for Glory

Listen, I'm going to watch Bound for Glory.  But I'm going to do it because I review TNA on this website.  If I didn't, there's a damned good chance I wouldn't.

It's not that Drew Galloway vs. EC3 isn't going to be a good match.  It probably will be.  But they have given us no reason to care about it since they just announced it last week for this Sunday.  The KO's title has no build and they very well may just lean on the fact that they have had awesome feuds prior.  The tag match hasn't even been announced on TV.  Neither has the X Division match.  There's a multi-man battle royal that screams "Throw this together to get everyone on the card."

Are we going to get any reason that Angle and Eric Young are picking up their feud that went too long the first time?  Is Bobby Roode going to be there?  Is Rockstar Spud going to be involved in the show?

It is going to be very difficult to address all of that in one 2-hour show, but they need to damn well try if they want anyone besides the hardest of hardcore TNA fans to tune into their PPV on Sunday.


TNA Impact airs tonight on Destination America at 9 EST.  Who's watching?

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