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Daniel Bryan and John Laurinaitis are about to be in-laws

Here's your "wrestling is weird" news item of the day...

Kathy Colace, well known to fans of Total Divas as the mother of Brie & Nikki Bella, announced her engagement to former wrestler, on-screen authority figure and current WWE producer John Laurinaitis on Instagram.

A photo posted by Kathy (@kathycolace) on

One of the best nights of my life #peoplepower #BellaArmy @the_jjgarcia @whatlolalikes thank you for the glass.

Which means Daniel Bryan is about to be related by law to the man who reportedly lobbied against The Beard's rise up the WWE card while he was head of Talent Operations for Vince McMahon:

Or, setting political rumors aside, not only will DB's stepfather-in-law be Johnny Ace, but he'll be Road Warrior Animal's nephew!

Which doesn't even cover this guy's involvement in Christmas at the Bella's Arizona compound...

A photo posted by Kathy (@kathycolace) on

Special night. Birthday dinner and my engagement. #peoplepower #BellaArmy

All kidding aside, congrats to Colace & Laurinaitis. We here at cSs wish them a happy future together.

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