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Nikki Bella says John Cena had 'nothing to do' with her title reign

People continue to heap negativity on Nikki Bella online. The longest-reigning Divas Champion tries her best to ignore it.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

In a recent interview with Channel Guide Magazine, Former Divas Champion Nikki Bella talked about the negativity she gets from fans online (and elsewhere) and how she deals with the negative feedback.

"I ignore it," Bella said.

"Even though I see the hate on social media, and it shocks me. It shocks me the rumors people start, that I have the title because of my boyfriend. If that was the case I would have gotten the title when I came back years ago and still had the title. He has nothing to do with it. He has nothing to do with anyone's story or anything like that. He has zero pull. We talk about it all the time because it's funny how people say that.

"I think where it started was for a year AJ had a voice on WWE TV and all of us on ‘Total Divas' didn't. Then Vince [McMahon] didn't want the title on any ‘Total Divas' member because he didn't know how it would transition on Sunday night and Monday in case there was a title change and the show was airing.

"So for a year she got her run through all the girls. I was the only one she really didn't. She got to say these things that weren't true, but we didn't get to speak back. So I felt like that is where the perception of Brie and I really started. She said things like we came back for reality show and all this stuff. It was all untrue. While this is happening, I'm working twice as hard to be better and improve my craft to become the next diva's [sic] champion."

Some strong words from the former champ, although it is not likely to silence critics (particularly the "zero pull" remark). While few in WWE have worked as hard at improving their work in recent years as Nikki Bella, her relationship with Cena will always make her a target for scorn.

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