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The REC Awards: September 20 - 26, 2015

Another week down means another fun-filled edition of the REC Awards and, honestly, I have already forgotten most of the wrestling events of the week save for Asuka promising death to Emma and Dana Brooke.

Regardless, let's do this.



Dr Yankem or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Pro Wrestling - TheCroydonBFG

Paige's 'pipebomb' wasn't just what's best for WWE women, it was what's best for Raw - ctre6

Heroes and Villains: A Character Study - Barry Hess

Breaking News: WWE Announces All Legends WrestleMania - NothingIsForSure

Asuka Facts: Get To Know NXT's Newest Signee - The Notorious Eddie Mac


Comments (link to album)

First, Hasukawa points out an issue with Paige's promo from Raw. A legitimately civilized conversation about the topic follows

JBL's Other Boy raves about Night of Cosplay

kayfabe queen, TotalScrub, and others discuss the sasquatch sightings

No Leaf Clover, kmtierney, and AntonSirius react to Eva Marie's recent NXT match

Raging Jericholic and TheGoose01 have a message for Vince

suiko has a security idea. TotalScrub, TheLongGoodbye, and others respond


Yourroleandyou has a new Asuka fact:

SomePunkKidd, Hasukawa, and others fear for some wrestlers:

AntonSirius point out the second best thing about Asuka's debut. 14fizzpatrick and D.E.O. respond:

shaqustewart93 has a message. 14fizzpatrick responds:

The Notorious Eddie Mac has an appropriate remark:

Kevin Kostka reacts to Finn Balor going through the roof...again:

Jomosensual puns:

Itaita, Zentrification, and HubcapDave also pun:

Zhahnruh joins the pun train:

Thrift Store Megatron rips the upcoming Hell in a Cell go-home Raw:

Drew Nicholas has a plea. NuclearSun responds with a theory:

NYBlueBlood responds to the barricade jumper. nicknelson87 and mwcampbell92 respond:

Flashking recounts the last few barricade jumpers. Face Off appropriately responds:

ThePeoplesChampion does make a good point about the jumper:

akenson knows how Mark Henry will retire:

suiko has a question about Hulk Hogan's sex tapes possibly being released. cmujoiseyboy and Hasukawa respond:

I (hey, I'm a heel, you all should know this) react to Kane returning at Night of Champions. LadyBlack responds with a command:

MegaL3 has an idea:

Pat Daryl tells us what Seth Rollins said to Sting:

Hasukawa nominates the match of the night from Night of Champions:

LadyBlack ponders Natalya joining Charlotte and Becky Lynch. andrewmswift responds:

Larrymentalboy reacts to a new tag team. Brigade17 and Steph!Steph!Steph! respond:

The Notorious Eddie Mac reacts to Rusev making nice with The New Day. El Gato Pollo Loco responds:

MikeThePatsFan has an idea for The New Day and RuRu. Larrymentalboy responds:

Zhahnruh has an idea and follows through:

WWEthinksCenaisGoku has an idea for Ambreigns' mystery partner:

painiac reacts to Bray Wyatt's response to Ambreigns' initial mystery partner:

Brigade17 and Lordban react to Night of Champions' appalling booking:

Vidence reacts to the new feud between Kane and Seth Rollins:

maslinski provides a superficial look at Night of Champions' results. Best Gimmick Ever responds:

The Notorious Eddie Mac has a question. BlackPlague1986, myself, and AntonSirius respond:

shaqustewart93 reacts to an Apollo Crews/Tyler Breeze feud. jozymozy changes the subject:

Eddie Mac puns:

tkatt00 has and laments on an idea:

Brigade17 marks about Paige's heel turn:

Plan R reacts to Paige's fiery promo:

Otis C. reacts to a particular line:

SpyroDash has a contribution:

Plan R bows down to the real queen. Vidence responds:

Zhahnruh reacts to Bigbeard McMusckleFace. Others follow:

Mrs. Black ironically complains about not being present in the RECs:

The Amazing A-hole tells us about the REAL weak champion:

Larrymentalboy, The Amazing A-hole, Magnus Magnolius, and TotalScrub discuss Kane:

suiko points out Kevin Owens' backstage supporter. Abhishek-Cule, TheViewFromFigeuroa, and others respond:

Zentrification reacts to Vince McMahon freaking out. Zhahnruh respond appropriately:

Flashking speaks truth:

drock1331, Christopher Novak, and Frfly discuss WWE not building new talent:

Christopher Novak reacts to a Rumor Roundup, and Sandow's Superior responds:

ThePollux8 reacts to a rumor. Sandow's Superior responds:

TheGoose01, radja44, and Hasukawa react to SmackDown moving to USA:

TotalScrub has a message to Sting and WWE:

Geno Mrosko has a message to both Sting and Seth Rollins:

SethRollinsChairShot has an idea for Sting:

Magnus Magnolius has a brilliant idea for Kevin Owens:

MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns has another Owens idea. Flashking supports:

Haxan has a problem with calling Sasha Banks/Bayley an "Iron Maiden" match. Brigade17 addresses this:

And finally, Paul Crewe addresses Rusev tagging with The New Day despite their past. Zentrification and Vidence respond. In the same thread, nymgb44 makes an inadvertent gaffe with a response, and drock1331 calls it out:


That's it for this week's RECs. Tune in for more craziness next week.

Keep it gangster!

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