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Mick Foley is baffled by WWE's handling of Cesaro

He's asking for fans to let their voices be heard.

Fans aren't the only ones frustrated about WWE's treatment of the Swiss Superman, Cesaro. Early Friday morning, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley took to his Facebook page to vent about how the company has been handling the King of Swing:

Last night, I was asked a simple question during the Q&A part of my show in Philadelphia: "if you were in charge of ‪[WWE]‬, what one change would you make?" I gave a simple answer. Push Cesaro. I'm not trying to create controversy or be a pain in WWE's neck - but the recent treatment of this guy on TV is downright baffling to me. Besides, as long as I said it, and it will be reported on (which I'm pretty sure it will be) you might as well read it here first. I know Steve Austin has been an enthusiastic [Cesaro] supporter. Maybe he needs a little bit of help. Maybe my opinion will mean something. Maybe yours will too. Tell me about your favorite [Cesaro] match. Give this post a like and a comment..maybe even share it - and we'll see if a few thousand comments on the Foley Facebook page (which I KNOW the WWE front-office reads) might make a difference.

While Cesaro is still being used on television every week, he's currently being fed to Big Show to build him up for the world's largest athlete's match against Brock Lesnar at Madison Square Garden. Perhaps when that all shakes out, WWE will be able to find a spot for him to do something meaningful.

Or perhaps Foley is right and fans just need to let their voices be heard.

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