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TNA Impact Preview (September 23, 2015): Spoils of War

Gail Kim's twitter

TNA Impact returns a week after TNA defeated GFW to retain control of the company, thanks to their white knight, Bram.  Now let's see how they follow it up.


1)  Gail Kim vs. Jade for the Knockouts Championship

I'm starting with this because this is what I am looking forward to the most, and it is probably what you should be looking forward to the most.  Jade's talents have been wasted as a henchwoman of the Doll House given the fact she is a very talented in the ring.  Gail Kim is one of the greatest Knockouts.  Putting the two together could have the possibility for a classic.

Unfortunately, there is also the possibility that this is just building back to Taryn and Gail (which should eventually happen) and will be a quick match where Gail makes easy work of one of Taryn's lackeys.

At this point, I'm going to be optimistic and hope for the former.

2)  Ethan Carter vs. Rockstar Spud for the TNA Title.

Last week, Rockstar Spud had enough of watching Jeff Hardy continue to be humiliated in the role of EC3's personal assistant.  The Ultimate Underdog already has too many bad memories from when he was in that position.  So he came down and told Carter that EC3 doesn't stack up to Jeff Hardy.  Unfortunately for Spud, Ethan didn't take that well and it all ended with Jeff Hardy, at direction of EC3, punching Spud in the face.

Spud looks get his comeuppance tonight and win the TNA title from Carter tonight.  However, to do that, he'll likely not only have to contend with Tyrus on the outside but also Jeff Hardy, still taking orders from the champ.

3)  TNA Reigns Supreme

After defeating Jeff Jarrett and GFW last week, it's time for TNA to celebrate.  Maybe.  I'm assuming "TNA Reigns Supreme" means there will be some type of celebration.  The picture on the TNA website not surprisingly does not include Bram in all of that.

If you have forgotten, Bram was recently arrested for domestic assault and then suspended indefinitely from TNA.  Unfortunately, TNA already taped all of these Impact episodes which include Bram playing hero for team TNA.  There was no editing him out of the big Lethal Lockdown match.  That just wasn't an option.  But what is next for Bram?  Was that the beginning of a big push?  Was the plan a big match at Bound For Glory in a few weeks that they will be building to on the next few Impacts?

It will be interesting to see if they try to edit him out leading to an awkward paced show or if they keep featuring a guy who has been suspended due to some horrible allegations.  I don't envy TNA's position here.  But that's a risk when they tape so many months in advance.

4)  Dixie with announcement on Eric Young and Bound for Glory

I have a feeling this will be part of the TNA celebration as above.  Eric Young was the TNA traitor in all of this, jumping ship to compete with Team GFW last week.  Now he must face his punishment.  I assume it's yet another match in the never ending Young vs. Melendez story.

5)  Tigre Uno vs. Kenny King for the X Division title

Remember last week when I hoped for an X Division feud with these two that actually had a build.  Well, forget that whole build thing.  They're just having a random match tonight.  Since TNA dropped the ball with building off the whole Trump BS to actually give Tigre Uno a character, they may as well pass the belt off to Kenny King.  King has the character of an arrogant heel already set so may as well have some fun matches with that in the graveyard that is the X Division.


What we'd like to see

1)  Bobby Roode

The fact that it wasn't Bobby Roode instead of Bram last week made no sense.  Bobby had an inexplicable face turn, sacrificing a good early program with him and Rockstar Spud.  The TNA original would have made more sense than Bram.

Currently, Roode holds the KOTM title, which he won from PJ Black.  It's time to figure out where that title is meant to stand in the company and start using it.  Honestly, if it's a secondary title, Roode shouldn't be holding it.  He's TNA title or bust status at this point in his career

2)  Is that it for Jarrett?

This is still part of the tapings where Jarrett and his GFW talent were present.  Since his team has lost, is that it for them on TV, or will they have a small role to play towards the end of the tapings?

3)  Bound For Glory direction

TNA biggest PPV of the year, Bound for Glory, October 4th, so only 2 weeks from this Sunday.  As of now, no matches have been made.  My assumption is it'll be Ethan Carter vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA title.  But that's the only direction that is close to set.  With only a few weeks left, it's time to start building one of your few PPVs.

Dixie's announcement will give it some direction, but there's an empty card that needs to be filled.


TNA Impact airs tonight on Destination America on 9 EST.  Who's watching?

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