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Listen to Seth Rollins apologize to Sting after the Buckle Bomb that reportedly injured him at WWE Night of Champions (video)

Remember when the ring microphones picked up Seth Rollins thanking his colleague and former kayfabe partner Roman Reigns as he pinned him to start his WWE Championship reign at WrestleMania?

Audio production and Rollins have now teamed up to provide us with another seminal moment from Seth's run...this time a mea culpa after throwing Sting for a Buckle Bomb during the second of his two title defenses at September 20's Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV).

The move has been targeted in speculation surrounding when exactly The Icon suffered the allegedly career-threatening injury or injuries during the bout, and...even without audio, seeing Rollins' body language after Sting's landing, and the 56 year old looking like he can't put any weight on his right leg tells a lot.

But watching the above clip (or, if it's not playing for you, clicking to the original file here), it sounds like you can hear the champ say "that was on me".

There's been some debate, notably on reddit's Squared Circle, where I first saw the clip, about what exactly Rollins says. With headphones on, I pretty clearly hear him taking responsibility for whatever happened, but there are those who don't hear it (alternate explanations say they hear variations on instructions regarding the next move, either "clothesline me" or "duck my clothesline").

The more relevant thing that we'll never know is how whatever happened at Night of Champions will play out backstage. Though there's nothing on record, some fans are noticing that Sting is the second main eventer injured in a match with Rollins, after the famous "Knee that Broke John Cena" this Summer. Whether that's just armchair criticism or a view that's shared with professionals in the business is unknown.

While we continue to speculate (aka "do what we do") on that, continued best wishes to Sting for good news and a speedy recovery.

More on this story as we have it, Cagesiders.

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