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The REC Awards: September 13 - 19, 2015

Note from Geno: This was ready before Night of Champions but was lost amidst all the hoopla of the big pay-per-view. So while it's late (sorry!) enjoy it anyway.



I Watch '12 Rounds 3: Lockdown' So You Don't Have To! - ThingsandStuff

The Ruination of Seth Rollins - An Easy 3 Step Guide - Zentrification

Women's Wrestling in the US and Japan: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - Flashking

The ABC's of New Day - Zhahnruh

Memphis Madness: Or, Brigade's first live event! - Brigade17

Can't Tell if Team BAD or New Day: Post 1 and Post 2 - Geno Mrosko (LOTS of green in these; you all are awesome)

This Is Why We Watch - andrewmswift

Xavier Woods is this generation's Paul Heyman - Callum_Leslie

Live report from WWE NXT's first show in Texas, September 17 in Houston - treybeez

A Song to Honor the Bellabration - Hasukawa


Comments (link to album)

First, Jomosensual, Hasukawa, and others recount the fates of those who have faced John Cena

TheGoose01, rune1, and others support an unlikely push

jozymozy shares a story from this week's Raw

Zhelyazko Valchev professes hate toward the tables. Appropriate reactions follow

Trout Jefferson points something out about Damien Sandow. Responses follow


SomePunkKidd, BlackPlague1986, and MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns react to a glaring omission from the WWE 2K16 roster:

Chi-Fed and sevenyearitch also react to WWE 2K16:

A top top lad has an apology:

KR421 rages:

Zentrification has a question about a post-Raw Ambreigns interview. SteelSooner responds:

Jomosensual reacts to a joke. Zhahnruh responds:

Magnus Magnolius makes a simple point:

Rivan King, Raging Jericholic, Brigade17, and SteelSooner provide various reactions to the Ambreigns interview:

BillChams figures it out:

GrecoRomanGuy types words:

Chris2814 speculates on the so-called historic announcement. TheDannyBaxter responds:

Tonya Rodgers sees it another way:

D.E.O., Kryptik, and MegaL3 speculate on the true meaning of "Asuka":

BPSS reacts to Team BAD and New Day being amazing. Kyle Decker responds:

alexdgreenfield professes his support toward Batista:

Dean's Ham Bros asks and answers a question:

Brigade17, Vidence, and Zentrification react to the Bellabration:

Christopher Novak reacts to Big E's diss of Nikki Bella. RollTideDriver77 responds:

kayfabe queen, Kaoru Ichinose, and suiko respond to Big E:

MCAngulo describes Nikki Bella:

shaqustewart93 reacts to the article about John Cena highlighting a kid who had just beaten cancer. Sean Reuter responds:

My Big Mouth has a problem with Nikki Bella:

BPSS has a serious question. Lucky Day has a serious answer:

painiac answers a question:

Prince Moxley Lopez reacts to a question of interference in the Nikki/Charlotte title match:

Cain A. Knight puts in a disclaimer about his math about Nikki Bella's title reign. riotstorm948 throws in a variable:

Drew Nicholas has a problem with Nikki's bragging. backlogathon and Magnus Magnolius respond:

JakeMHS asks a really good question about Nikki Bella. andrewmswift responds:

Jomosensual also answers, prompting a response from Tre982:

JimmyV723 has a message:

nWo OWTsider's Edge has an idea:

Kyle Decker reacts to a close-up of the Diva's Title:

chainer311 owns main roster women's booking:

Plan R calls out Nikki Bella's hypocrisy:

Jon Benne, Flashking, Plan R, and Blueblob4life react to the result of the Diva's title match:

MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns sums up that title match in a simple sentence:

BMAMag has a heel turn idea:

alexdgreenfield hypes a project he's been doing:

Kevin Kostka reacts to a remark from Paige concerning Total Divas:

Vidence shows relevance from a PCB dancing clip:

Trout Jefferson shows more relevance. Johann Von Perfect and BPSS respond:

dustbusta has an idea, and Hasukawa imagines it:

thisisjustaride spoils Raw:

Plan R makes a prediction (note the time of posting):

TheGoose01 reacts to Raw. RollTideDriver77 responds:

Arai makes a good point:

Vidence breaks down the women's booking:

Takerfan95 makes a point:

kmtierney has a problem with naming the new NXT Takeover special Respect. Zhahnruh (you had to make your name that much more difficult for me) and Rivan King respond:

Hasukawa and Magnus Magnolius react to rumors:

I call out poop! catches a mistake on WWE's part. Hasukawa responds:

Rivan King, Magnus Magnolius, Hasukawa, and Larrymentalboy react to a possible push:

Christopher Novak reacts to an Eva Marie rumor. RollTideDriver77 responds:

Vendri reacts to Tuesday's Rumor Roundup:

alexdgreenfield has a message for Full Sail:

Flashking reacts to crowd hating. Rawuncutnxrated and Tonya Rodgers respond:

ThePollux8 and Brigade17 show a potential top guy:

The 984 has an issue with an Ambreigns rumor:

Whittledown has an idea for the love quadrilateral:

nsuviolin, Jomosensual, suiko, and CMDrunk react to that same rumor:

El Gato Pollo Loco, Boxingnut4324, lofrothepirate, and caintheconfused go fishing for puns:

Flashking has a simple idea for Sting/Seth Rollins:

Christopher Novak reacts to a possible return rumor:

So does JimmyV723:

SpyroDash freaks out:

Sandow's Superior and CactusDudeJack react to another TNA rumor:

Kyle Decker calls out Sean Rueter. Sean, Chocolate Midget, and A bringer of bad news respond:

Lordban, LadyBlack, and kmtierney discuss Nikki Bella's hypocrisy:

ThePollux8 correctly reacts to a rumor:

nsuviolin reacts to Tonya Rodgers grading Cesaro/Big Show too highly. Drew Nicholas and Lordban respond:

YodaMcMahon makes a realization. andrewmswift and The Amazing A-hole respond:

Toledo Joe gets political. 4thChamber responds:

suiko comments on Paige and Alicia Fox's steakhouse incident:

Plan R, The Amazing A-hole, jeffgm, and Otis C. react to Sting coming to put over the young talent:

South of Heaven has a great idea for vacation:

And finally, wavenstein has a simple idea before dissing the original quasher:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Enjoy Night of Champions, and see you all next week!

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