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WWE fan invades ring, tries to become Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose's mystery partner

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Aw, buddy. This was a real bad idea.

After Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose made their entrances to face the Wyatt Family during Sunday's Night of Champions, there was a dramatic pause before their mystery partner was revealed. However, one ill-fated Shield fan attempted to become the third man:

partner gif

He was quickly smuggled out of the ring by WWE security as the camera cut away and Bray Wyatt taunted, "Is that your guy?"

With audio:

Note to fans: never, ever, ever, ever do this. It is 100 percent not worth it.

(The real mystery partner was Chris Jericho, by the way.)

Following Night of Champions, WWE issued the following statement regarding the fan incident:

"WWE takes the safety of our performers very seriously and any fan entering the ring area will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."