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John Cena vs. Seth Rollins: Who won the U.S. title at WWE Night of Champions 2015?

In the first of his two back-to-back title defenses, United States and WWE champion Seth Rollins defended the red, white and blue belt against the man he defeated for it at SummerSlam (with a little help from Jon Stewart), John Cena.

With Mr. Money in the Bank Sheamus threatening to take advantage of a weakened Rollins if he manages to come out of the second defense - against Sting for the WWE title - Seth tried to work quickly and finish Cena early with covers and a sleeper hold. The man Triple H dubbed The Future back when he was holding the Money in the Bank briefcase stayed in control during the early going, but Cena eventually battled back with some of the big, fun spots that have made him a surprising fan favorite among the 'smart' set this year:

The match was full of spots like that from both men. Rollins particularly impressed with a superplex that floated over into another suplex that was part of the "what is it going to take to put him away?!?!" portion of the match.

Eventually, Cena overcame. A top rope leg drop set up the last in a series of Attitude Adjustments, and the United States Open Challenge is back.

Afterwards, Rollins tried to walk out with his WWE title, but the new U.S. champ stopped him...courtesy of another AA on the floor.

What does the WWE champ have left for Sting...and possibly Sheamus?

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