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WWE Night of Champions 2015 results: Dolph Ziggler (and Summer Rae's shoe) defeat Rusev

WWE's resident soap opera worked its way onto another pay-per-view (PPV) tonight at Night of Champions, despite it not involving a title.

To hear the story re-capped on the pre-show and by the announcers at ringside, the absent Lana may well have been the prize for the match, an idea backed up by Dolph Ziggler's tights, which featured the Ravishing Russian and his kayfabe girlfriend on his crotch:

Rusev controlled much of the action, hossing Ziggler around and taunting him while The Show-Off sold, in his usual manner, like he was in a cartoon.

Eventually, Ziggler got the upperhand and the match built to several exciting nearfalls for both men. At one point, Rusev was convinced that he had won despite the referee only counting two. Demanding to have his hand raised while the official argued with him allowed Dolph to make a comeback, and eventually to getting the upperhand before Summer Rae leaped onto the apron to cause a distraction.

She ended up in the ring, and thrown out by the ref. When she protested that decision by throwing her high heels, one that had been directed at Dolph hit Rusev. While he reacted to that, a ZigZag also hit him, and Ziggler was victorious.

Is this the blow-off to this angle we'd been told to expect by recent rumors? Or will RaeRae's inadvertant toss lead us deeper into the love triangle?

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