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WWE Night of Champions 2015 results: The Cosmic Wasteland conquers Neville & Lucha Dragons

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It was straight up good vs. evil on the Night of Champions pre-show, where a six-man tag pitted fan favorites and high fliers Neville & Lucha Dragons against Stardust and his new recruits, The Ascension. The in-ring action pleased a Texas audience ready for a big night, but the outcome may not have been what they were looking for - at least if they like rooting for heroes.

Kalisto played face-in-peril, but it was his comeback against Stardust that lead to a six-man showdown. After dumping the cosmic villains to the floor, the match went to commercial (yes, during a pay-per-view (PPV) event) on a big spot where all three babyfaces went over the top to take out a member of the Wasteland on the floor.

A blind tag put Kalisto right back into danger, with Stardust and his minions working over the luchador while the Houston crowd chanted for Neville. Another big spot - where Viktor set up his opponent for a Powerbomb from the second rope was countered into a hurricanrana - allowed Kalisto to get the hot tag to Neville, who cleaned house.

Getting the upper hand, Neville opted to not go for his finisher, but did a scaled down version from the second rope to give the crowd a little something. And it was needed, because the second set-up for Red Arrow was thwarted by Stardust pushing Viktor into the high-flying Brit, giving The Strange One an opening for his own finisher.

One Queen's Crossbow later, and The Cosmic Wasteland starts their reign of terror with a win.

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