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Trailer for Dave Bautista's new movie Heist -or- Batista isn't coming back to WWE any time soon

It's with mixed emotions that I present to you the trailer for Dave Bautista's new film, Heist. Our man Dave, who's entertained us in the past by being super-fun to boo and cheer in WWE as The Animal, Batista gets featured billing in this along with Academy Award winner Robert (Freaking) DeNiro.

Bautista's been tweeting about the flick, which looks like Ocean's 11 meets Speed and drops on November 11, for the past couple of days:

What's the other movie in his "2 films at once" humblebrag? Oh, just a little something called Spectre with Daniel Craig and Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz. Here he is front and center marketing a product tie-in for the 23rd James Bond film, something that means studios see him as an asset in selling a project:

He's currently working on a Luc Besson (Leon: The Professional; the Transporter and Taken franchises) project called Warrior's Gate, and it was announced recently that he's playing the lead in a smaller action picture called Bushwick before he resumes his breakout role of Drax when Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy 2 goes in front of cameras in February 2016.

All of which is phenomenal news for Bautista, but a bummer for anyone expecting to see him step foot in the squared circle - even for his stated dream retirement match against Triple H.

I guess we'll just have to...

wait for it...

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