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A win at Night of Champions would make Sting the oldest ever WWE champ

The buzz for September 20's WWE pay-per-view (PPV), Night of Champions, isn't exactly deafening. Excitement will probably rise over the weekend as we get closer to Sunday night in Houston, Texas, and here's a cool discussion piece to get that started. released an infographic for the show focused on a couple of the more intriguing aspects...WWE and United States champion Seth Rollins' double duty, and Sting's attempt to defeat Rollins in one of those matches to claim his first WWE World Heavyweight championship.

The look at others who have managed the task The Architect has before him (which doesn't count performers who've worked a multi-man match like the Royal Rumble, instead looking at multiple singles bouts in related to a title in one night) doesn't provide much help to prognosticators.

But it does point out a fact that hasn't been discussed a lot when it comes to what a win by The Icon would mean for the record books:

If you're having trouble with the embedded infographic above, view it on Rukkus' blog here.

Anybody think Vince McMahon's record is in jeopardy this weekend?


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