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Cageside Live! WWE Night of Champions Preview edition

Slow news day, and WWE has a pay-per-view (PPV) coming up this Sunday, September let's #CSL everybody!

Plus, we owe it to folks who didn't watch our Raw review show live and therefore missed out on the final half hour, including Sean admitting that Geno is right about Eva Marie (after he conceded that she has to learn how to be carried to a five minute match and not sound like a pod person when she promos) when the Google - YouTube conversion went pfffft.

So it's time to talk Night of Champions! Seth Rollins dual title defenses against Sting and Cena, The New Day, Charlotte trying to keep Nikki from extending her record-setting run, Dean & Roman's MYSTERY PARTNER and more!

Plus, we'll try to get to your questions from the comments below & Twitter (if we have time around the non sequitors, ranting, cat walk-bys and general flirtation) when the show starts up in a few minutes (shortly after 5PM Eastern).

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