Improbable partners for Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose at Night of Champions

JP Yim/Getty Images

On Raw Fallout, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns suggested in a joking fashion that Savio Vega was going to be their mystery partner when they face the Wyatt Family at Night of Champions. This is extremely unlikely to happen. But it got me thinking – what other blasts from the past are Ambrose and Reigns probably not going to team up with on Sunday? Well here are just a few suggestions of who won’t get involved but what might happen if they did…

Shawn Michaels

Since Seth Rollins is sometimes compared to Shawn Michaels, Ambrose and Reigns think hell, why not use the original! So they make a call to San Antonio and manage to talk HBK out of retirement. The Heartbreak Kid’s return to the ring doesn’t go quite to plan though. He mistakes Braun Strowman for one of the deer on his hunting program and ends up shooting him. The event causes Michaels to lose his smile and his gun licence.


IT’S TAZZ! Since The Shield stole his theme song and they don’t want to face prosecution, Ambrose and Reigns agree to let Tazz team up with them at Night of Champions. Tazz claims the match will be a "rocket buster", whatever that means. Tazz spends the first half of the match arguing with a fan over how many Zs should be in his name. Tazz (or should I say Taz) then realises he’s been replaced on commentary by JBL and storms off in a huff.

Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett can return to WWE and reveal that for the last 16 years he was actually working as a double agent for the WWE and was used to sabotage their competition. He worked his wonders to kill WCW alongside fellow double agent Vince Russo. Jarrett even went as far as creating TNA and GFW just to show how much better WWE is in comparison to those two wrestling companies. It had nothing to do with the controversy surrounding Jarrett’s final payoff or the fact that he had to job to Chyna. Jarrett returns as Ambrose and Reigns’ mystery partner only to get them DQed by hitting Bray Wyatt with a guitar. On an unrelated note, Night of Champions fails to draw a dime.

Teddy Long

Now hold on a minute playas! You can’t possibility have a six-man TAG TEAM MATCH without at least some involvement from Teddy Long. Unimpressed by Wyatt’s efforts when he went one-on-one with da Undertaker, Long agrees to join team Ambreigns. Unfortunately the match ends in a double disqualification after interference from both Sheamus and Randy Orton. This leaves Teddy Long to make an impromptu 8-man tag team match.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The glass shatters, the crowd goes nuts as the Texas Rattlesnake returns to the ring at Night of Champions. However instead of taking part in the match, Austin thinks it’s another one of his podcasts. Austin starts talking about Hershey the Wonder Dog and promotes MeUndies. The inert rambling costs Ambrose and Reigns the match. After which, Austin dissects everything that was wrong with the match with Wade Keller.

Hulk Hogan

Actually I probably shouldn’t touch this one with a barge pole. All I will say is that if Hogan is the third man, Bobby Heenan will find a way to spoil the surprise before it’s even revealed.

So there’s just a couple of past superstars who probably won’t team up with Ambrose and Reigns. In truth it’ll probably be either Kane or the Big Show and that thought makes me a sad panda. Let’s hope it’s Samoa Joe or Daniel Bryan or Finn Balor or at the very least the Hurricane. Stand back…there’s a mystery partner coming through. What’s up with dat?

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