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TNA Impact Preview (September 16, 2015): The Fight for Control

TNA Impact returns tonight with a big show that culminates with a big Lethal Lockdown match for control of the company between GFW and TNA.  So let's jump right into what they have in store for us tonight.


1)  Team GFW vs. Team TNA in Lethal Lockdown for control of the company

When Jeff Jarrett showed back up on TNA TV after a year away, we should have known it wouldn't be all buddy buddy between Jeff and Dixie Carter.  Sure they got along well at first; however, as Jeff was playing nice with Dixie, earning her trust, Karen Jarrett was busy orchestrating strategic backstage assaults to further the GFW cause.

When GM Bully Ray became one of those targets, Jarrett helped Dixie out by running the show until she found a replacement.  He convinced her to consider giving him full creative control, but before she could make her final decision, the second man who was attacked by GFW, Drew Galloway, stopped her.  He had figured out it was the Jarretts who had attacked them.  With the gig up, the GFW crew came out and beat down Drew and all the TNA guys who tried to help.

To avoid a long, drawn out war, Dixie made a call.  She took a gamble.  Dixie told Jarrett she would put her TNA shares on the line against Jeff's shares in a GFW vs. TNA Lethal Lockdown match.  Dixie has a team of Drew Galloway, the Wolves, and Bobby Lashley to face against the GFW team, presumably Jeff Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt, Brian Myers, and Chris Mordetszky.  (I originally assumed that it would be Trevor Lee, but the pictures on the website have Jeff Jarrett in them instead.)

I'm glad it's only 4 on 4 because I always feel the beginning of the Lethal Lockdown matches are too predictable and I just want to get the beginning over with.  Here's how it plays out:  It's one on one where the face usually gets the upper hand.  Then the heel comes in and the bad guys dominate 2-1 until a face comes in and clears house until the next heel arrives with numbers.  Rinse and repeat.  The match should get going when it's a 4 on 4.

Watch for possible betrayals (I'm looking at you Drew Galloway) or interference from someone like Eric Young or Bobby Roode.

2)  Jeff Hardy gets an Extreme Makeover by Ethan Carter

Jeff Hardy took a chance on his brother to get a title match and when his brother lost said title match, Jeff was forced to become EC3's personal assistant.  Last week, EC3 had Jeff hold up a huge sign of his head during a match and then after the match, peddle some Carter merchandise.

This week, Carter is going to clean up Jeff's looks.  And it's about time you start dressing like an adult, Jeff Hardy!  If you work for a Carter, you should look the part.

3)  Gail Kim vs. Brooke vs. Awesome Kong vs. Lei'd Tapa for the Knockout's Title

Last week, Brooke and Gail had a good title match that ended with Lei'd Tapa coming out and showboating with the KO's title, leading to Brooke going outside of the ring to stop her.   The match ended in a DQ when Tapa clubbed Brooke and then went after Gail in the ring.  To even the score, Awesome Kong, who already has issues with Tapa, came down.  That leads to this week.

This should be a pretty good match, but it is thrown together from a story that started just last week.  Coming out of this, Brooke, or whoever beats her tonight, needs a legit story regarding the title.

4)  Mahabali Shera vs. Abyss

The failure that was the Revolution story has turned into an effort to make Mahabali Shera, who was in the Revolution under the name Khoya, a new babyface.  At least they're trying to salvage it one way or another.  Shera is rather green from the stuff we've seen from him in past matches.  However, Abyss is a veteran.  It's a good chance for Shera to have a strong showing as a new babyface.


What we'd like to see:

1)  Bobby Roode's alignment

Bobby Roode made a sudden face turn when he won the King of the Mountain title from PJ Black.  So last week, Karen Jarrett made an appeal to get him on their side.  She knows that Bobby Roode looks out for Number One at all times and posed the question what will he do if Team GFW takes control of the company tonight?  Perhaps it'd be better for Bobby Roode to side along side Double J and GFW.

Bobby Roode is one of TNA's best so he should be in the middle of this whole war story.  I'd prefer him as a heel but it also makes sense for him to being TNA's white knight given the fact he's a TNA Original.  I'd be more upset if he has no part to play in this.

2)  Mid card feuds

TNA doesn't have a lot going for its midcard.  However, last week, they started the potential of some feuds with a tag match between Robbie E, Tigre Uno, and Micah against Jessie Godderz, Eli Drake, and Kenny King.  There are a couple feuds that could come of that.  They could feud Robbie with Drake (instead of continuing his feud with Godderz), feud King and Tigre for the X Division title with some actual build, and come up with with a reason to feud Micah with Godderz.

It would be nice to see them use some more of their lost midcard talent.

3)  Rockstar Spud

Rockstar Spud was written off when Bobby Roode beat the every loving hell out of him after Spud retired Aries in a really good match.  Since then, we haven't seen Spud, possibly because they opted to turn Roode face.  Perhaps a Bobby Roode heel turn if he sides with GFW will prompt Spud's return and a feud for the KOTM title.


TNA Impact will air tonight on Destination America 9 EST.  Who's watching?

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