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'Table For 3' with The New Day is just as good as expected

Do yourself a favor and spend half an hour with your favorite WWE faction.

The second installment of WWE Network's Table For 3 debuted on Monday after RAW and featured everyone's favorite threesome, The New Day. As is the central conceit of the series, the three men sat down at a table in an empty restaurant (or perhaps "restaurant") to eat some dinner and basically just shoot the breeze. Did I mention that they're wearing matching New Day track suits for their meal?

What really makes this show work and adds to the laid-back, low-key atmosphere (clearly emulating Jon Favreau's Dinner For Five series for IFC) is the absence of a moderator. It's wonderful to get to watch three good friends (particularly these three personalities, Superstars that we already love and enjoy so much) just relax and discuss life, the WWE and their careers.

Right off the bat, the in-jokes and revelry begins. Big E and Xavier want the world to know that Kofi Kingston is good at impressions. Xavier Woods discusses his new nickname, which involves him having a baby mouth. Big E wants to be a slumlord. Heck, Kofi and Xavier doing impressions of Big E's promo mannerisms alone is reason to watch this episode.

The three men all discuss the formation of the faction, including the rumors that they were setting out to debut as a new Nation of Domination. Xavier clarifies that the stuck-up, suit-wearing heel was something he was actually pitching for himself, because of his PhD aspirations. They talk about being unsure if Kofi would work out as a heel, then once again cover the disappointment involved when they were given the original New Day gimmick.

There's a lot of joking around and talking about life on the road, including talking about not being invited to each others' houses and meeting each other in developmental. Kofi throws some unintentional shade when he talks about how everyone has a different path to the WWE, including struggling wrestlers busting their butts (like Xavier) and ex-football players with no wrestling experience who are just "given" contracts (like ... Big E).

They talk about how they see each other six days a week and are essentially family now and get emotional thinking about the day when they may not be together anymore ... but they promise that this is just the beginning.

If you like the New Day at all (and of course you do, because you're a human being), you should definitely check out their episode of Table For 3.

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