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Cageside Live! WWE Night of Champions 'go home' Raw edition

The General is back, and so is Cageside Live!

We're just days away from a WWE event that will feature Sting wrestling for the world title (in 2015!) and the rematch of a controversial Divas title contest that saw Nikki Bella set a record. We're gonna talk about those things, Xavier Woods' trombone, Kevin Owens disrespect of new age inspirational literature, The Authority's dance moves, MYSTERY PARTNER vs. Bigass McStrongman, RuRu & RaeRae and everything else that went down on an eventful episode of Monday night Raw.

Plus, we'll to answer your questions from the comments below & Twitter (those we could make time around the non sequitors, ranting, cat walk-bys and general flirtation) when the show starts at 12PM Eastern.

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Sorry about what appears to be a truncated version of the show - we're investigating what happened to the remaining half hour or so, which did broadcast live but got lost in Google/YouTube post. We'll archive future shows in order to have a back-up!

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