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Controversial finish allows Nikki Bella to break AJ Lee's record for longest Divas title reign; Charlotte gets no disqualification rematch at WWE Night of Champions

Nikki Bella and Charlotte delivered in their Divas championship spotlight on tonight's "season premiere" of Raw.

The champion was seeking to break AJ Lee's record for the longest Divas title run in her first televised defense since Beast in the East. Charlotte, who earned the opportunity in a Beat the Clock challenge with her teammates in PCB and lobbied to have her shot moved up to tonight in order to prevent Bella from setting the record.

Bella was in control throughout, working over The Nature Girl's arm while getting in her signature power spots. The Nature Girl was full of fight, getting several comebacks, but unable to put away the woman who's held the butterfly belt for 295 days and counting.

After a distraction by Team Bella member Alicia Fox, the twins were frustrated by their inability to put Charlotte away and went for their old switch. It appeared to backfire, however, when Charlotte pinned Brie. Ric Flair ran in to celebrate with his daughter and her friends Paige and Becky Lynch while Nikki and her sister pleaded with the referee.

Enter Stephanie McMahon, who did her best Roger Goodell impersonation in stating that she had to "protect the integrity of the Divas division" by declaring Charlotte the winner by disqualification, meaning that The Fearless One was still the champ.

With a now record-breaking run that will continue into Sunday's Night of Champions pay-per-view (PPV).

In Houston at that show, Steph did offer Charlotte a consolation prize. She'll get another shot at Nikki and her title - and this time, it will be no disqualification.

The Bellas, and their army, get their record. PCB, and the #DivasRevolution, gets another, fairer, shot at claiming the top prize in women's wrestling.

How do you like that booking, Cagesiders?

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