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The REC Awards: September 6 - 12, 2015

Welp, another week down, so time for another edition of the REC Awards. Thankfully this week was far less insane than last week save for a couple of scary NXT rumors and some more social media controversy.

Before I get started, I am making a change to the RECs effective with this edition. I'm not going to specify the exact change as that will have to be deduced by you all. However, all I will say is that creativity will overrule sheer numbers in most cases. I know some of you aren't going to like this, but I want the creativity back in the RECs over sheer REC farming (that said, I wasn't about to delete all of my work from this week, so it'll be a hybrid of old and new; the new will overtake fully next week)

Oh, and some of the Nazi jokes from this week? Not in here. Yes, they got lots of recs, but I'm not putting them here. I have nothing more to say.

That said, let's do this...



WWE Live: My VIP Experience - RedZephyr

Why Kevin Owens Wins At Everything - DerekLavezzo

The Evolution of a BO$$ - andrewmswift

As the WWE Turns - Barry Hess

So you want to be in WWE? Social media and You - The Amazing A-hole


Comments (link to album)

First, MikeThePatsFan, RollTideDriver77, and others react to the rumors of Eva Marie getting a monster push. Post 1 and Post 2

Midnight Deeds reacts to a Kane rumor. Crokarthemighty and Zentrification respond

RollTideDriver77, I call out poop!, and others fuel our nightmares

Fucker Franck figures out where John Cena got a t-shirt from


SomePunkKidd reacts to some controversial stuff on new NXT recruit Jasmin's Twitter account. frameslyder1 responds:

jozymozy has something to show andrewmswift about his Sasha Banks post. Raging Jericholic, murge9, andrewmswift, and LadyBlack respond:

HMBGoHawks shows the best part of this week's Raw. Grouchylink responds:

dustbusta and andrewmswift react to those Eva Marie rumors:

Larrymentalboy presents a challenge, and andrewmswift responds:

signor has a problem with one of Bret Hart's quotes. Doug E. Fresh responds:

Jenzel Washington sums up the whole Jasmin situation:

KJ Gould goes a different direction:

TMadeBurner and Josh Gagnon react to the genius who hopped the barrier on Raw:

DallasDriller has a thought, but Face Off makes a correction:

Zentrification reacts to the news of Kana officially being signed by WWE:

SomePunkKidd has a warning. Midnight Deeds, Face Off, Magnus Magnolius, Brigade17, and TotalScrub respond:

treybeez and Vidence correct Bill Hanstock about a comment regarding two NXT performers:

RollinsCastroHat has an idea to drop Lana's accent. TylerTreese responds with a very appropriate question:

Chi-Fed has words for RedZephyr:

South of Mars and North of Hell evaluates Sasha Banks:

Arai goes her own direction in evaluating:

The Mayor of Suplex City (how many mayors does Suplex City have?) reacts to a Natalya interview:

Josh Gagnon has a simple idea for her:

Doug E. Fresh supports tables:

kmtierney teaches us about Arai's jadedness:

Mama Cardinal has something to rightfully brag about:

WWORDuke has an issue:

The Notorious Eddie Mac has a question. treybeez tries to answer, but is shut down by The Amazing A-hole:

Brigade17 reminds Seth Rollins about another opportunist:

ChrisVannini reacts to a segment from Raw:

TheDunktownExpress has a question:

shaqustewart93 sums up Raw. Chris Damasceno responds with a meme:

JimmyV723 puns:

Larrymentalboy has an idea:

Lordban questions the lack of a particular comment. Face Off responds with evidence:

stephsbiatch questions Sting's recent behavior. Johnny Blood McNally responds:

ThingsandStuff does her thing in regards to Seth Rollins. TotalScrub responds:

RobertONeill31 responds to a TNA rumor. Larrymentalboy and dan4theroyals respond:

ThePollux8 questions a WWE policy change. Hasukawa and TheArborphiliac respond:

Flashking responds to an Eva Marie rumor:

Jomosensual shows us a theme of the day. Larrymentalboy responds:

shaqustewart93 also responds to the Eva rumor:

Zentrification has an idea for Ambreigns' mystery partner. Sandow's Superior suggests one, but Brigade17 corrects him:

Rewster211 has a question. Sandow's Superior, Midnight Deeds, and TotalScrub answer:

suiko sos:

Flashking has a command:

MayorOfSuplexCityBitch (can we have an election for this name?) has an idea for a new Bo Dallas gimmick:

Raging Jericholic reacts to an Eric Bischoff podcast appearance. The Amazing A-hole, Zentrification, and Lordban respond:

Zentrification and RollTideDriver77 discuss stunners:

VertEgo sums up an Eric Bischoff podcast:

andrewmswift tells us what he's up to. The Amazing A-hole and Rewster211 respond before andrewmswift goes into the details:

Drew Nicholas has a question. Larrymentalboy and yeefranklin respond:

suiko has a great idea. Otis C. and BrooklynBrawler4Life respond:

Jomosensual reacts to a Rumor Roundup. SomePunkKidd, Magnus Magnolius, and Dr. Evil's Anonymous Henchman respond:

RamJam898 shows us what to be really excited for:

Joshiswrite has an idea for WWEShop:

The Amazing A-hole puts it simply:

TD70 breaks down Seth Rollins wanting Bayley on the main roster:

And finally, ChrisVannini has idea for unused talent:


That's it for this week's RECs. Tune in for next week's refined insanity!

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