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Watch Jimmy Uso and a referee whip, watch them Nae Nae

A hilarious moment from Saturday's live event.

On Saturday night in Huntsville, Ala., Jimmy Uso and referee Chad Patton busted out a pretty wonderful bit of comedy involving Silentó's smash hit single, "Watch Me."

Here's a closer look at the fun:

And here's Jimmy doing the Stanky Legg, which is an important part of the routine:

A video posted by WWEJimmyUso (@jonathanfatu) on

The act appears to have gone on for some time. But that's fine, because there's a lot of song to dance to!

A video posted by WWEJimmyUso (@jonathanfatu) on

As Jimmy's Instagram says, it ain't never work when you're having fun. It's a good reminder that you should check out non-televised WWE live events whenever you can, because that's when the performers (including the refs!) really cut loose.

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