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Video: Get to know Rusev as he plays video games with Xavier Woods

Sure, we're doubling down on Xavier Wood's UpUpDownDown YouTube channel this week, but that's because it's so dang fun to watch.  So when he brings on Rusev to play some Mad Max, we couldn't not share it with you.  That would be criminal

Rusev is a fan favorite around these parts and this is a rare look at him more out of character.  (Though he still gets a shot in at Lana at the end because Rusev is always keeping it kayfab to some degree.)  It's not surprising that he has a natural quiet charisma given the fact how well he's done for himself in WWE.

While he plays the game, Rusev talks about his love of cars and which car he owns, the fact he owns a ton of video games he rarely plays, and briefly about his new found appreciation for anime.  While it's a bit odd he doesn't throw a shirt on to play, it's Rusev and you don't question those things.

So check it out and hopefully you'll enjoy getting to know the Bulgarian Brute.  And as always, keep it tight.

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