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Hulk Hogan inks endorsement deal with sports gambling website

Inside every successful pro wrestler is a good self-promoter. Listen to Steve Austin tell you about the Dollar Shave Club, or Chris Jericho pitch his latest YouTube series and you'll see what I mean.

Companies, especially ones that don't need to be thought of as great corporate citizens to hawk their wares, will always be on the lookout for a celebrity who gets their name on people's lips.

So, even though Hulk Hogan is on the outs with the company and industry where he got famous, he's going to find ways to sell stuff. And a company like online sports gambling outlet FanPicks isn't going to worry too much that folks are outraged about Hogan's recorded comments from seven years ago.

TMZ reported this morning that the two found each other, and Hogan will serve as pitchman for the daily fantasy sports site. The company isn't shying away from the Hulkster's recent PR nightmare, saying "We all make mistakes and deserve second chances," while Hulk is in full schill mode:

I am looking forward to connecting with all my Hulkamaniacs during some of the biggest games of the year and at upcoming Fan Pick live events in the near future.

At this rate, expect the return of Pastamania in about three weeks.

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