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The REC Awards: August 2 - 8, 2015

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of the REC Awards to sum up another somewhat forgettable week of wrestling (seriously, I can only recount a few things that happened...get it together, WWE).

Let's do this



In The Pit With Piper - Bret Hart's foreword - Zentrification

Lucha Underground: The Best Ever - Hollywood Chris Hall

The Decline of NXT - Blinkocracy


Comments (link to album)

First, SethRollinsChairShot, TD70, and Armads talk about a likely interferer at SummerSlam

Jenzel, Flashking, TD70, and other discuss the rules of WWE

BornUnderPunches has a concern regarding Team BAD's new shirt. mrsocko alleviates concerns, and LadyBlack responds

Blank x2 had good hopes for Apollo Crews and his new name

warpenguin55, Magnus Magnolius, and others illustrate Vince McMahon's logic when it comes to the women of WWE

Zentrification wishes Eva Marie luck at Takeover: Brooklyn. A series of memes follow

Flashking and KayfabeIsDead feel the P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,POWER


Midnight Deeds approves of Team BAD's new shirt. LadyBlack responds:

mfedjr and Marc Quill react to King Barrett's mishap in Australia:

suiko, AntonSirius, Brigade17, darkstar7646, and HubcapDave have a cow:

LadyBlack presents. D3ath_Knell, someone (sorry, had to minimize your comment to fit the GIF) Raging Jericholic, and nsuviolin respond:

Haxan reacts to John Cena continuing his training:

Larrymentalboy mentions something omitted from Elijah's WWE contract signing with Stardust:

NegroGrande gives props to Elijah. Rivan King responds with a theory:

I. R. Smrt has a problem with the funniest wrestler list:

JimmyV723 can't resist responding to Geno:

Brigade17 and Larrymentalboy react to the KOasBears Twitter account:

TheGoose01 reacts to the pic of Kevin Owens holding a koala. Huglife, BMAMag, and DallasDriller respond:

KennyPowersforPope has an idea for a new name for Paige, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch. Vidence responds:

The 984 and ThingsandStuff have good ideas:

Bdd Ddd reacts to Kevin Nash booting a mascot. TotalScrub responds:

jpizzack responds to Blinkocracy's post regarding NXT. KR421 and Rocker234 respond:

Brigade17 has a theory regarding Finn Balor:

kdotj24 lets us in on his new thing. Bork Lazer and mrsocko respond before kdotj24 drops a bombshell:

Plan R reacts to a story that Paige told on Steve Austin's podcast:

Jacob Matthew laments CM Punk leaving when he did. suiko responds:

Magnus Magnolius and Brigade17 drop truth about the so-called "Divas Revolution":

Kaoru Ichinose drops a truth bomb about John Cena. jozymozy responds:

Brigade17 gushes about a couple Raw moments:

HubcapDave and DomCatz read The Rock his rights:

MCAngulo, jerrycakes, Brigade17, HubcapDave, and Midnight Deeds react to Ronda Rousey knocking out her opponent at UFC 190:

The Amazing A-hole puns, and Larrymentalboy responds:

Raging Jericholic posts something. Jomosensual responds:

Midnight Deeds goes farther:

MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns reacts to various rumors:

Midnight Deeds has an idea for BeefMode:

Jomosensual has an idea for Seth Rollins:

Flashking sums it up:

SelasDray reacts to a rumor regarding Undertaker and Brock Lesnar:

MaZZacare has a question that quidproquo and Dr Evil's Anonymous Henchman answer

SomePunkKidd reacts to a women's rumor. Midnight Deeds responds correctly:

The Mayor of Suplex City gives us an insight into new WWE programming:

Christopher Novak reacts to another women's rumor:

JMUK22 laments about Lana. Zentrification and TD70 responds:

warpenguin55 explains one's logic. Fun follows:

Brigade17 responds to a rumor:

The Amazing A-hole puns. Drew Nicholas and Fruits responds:

Jomosensual reacts to a rumor about Takeover:

Haxan questions WWE. The Kobold responds:

insertnamehere31 has a question about the S3. Sean Rueter answers:

sherlock1854 sees something in Team BAD's future. Responses follow:

warpenguin55 reacts to Seth Rollins' new shirt. suiko shoots and TD70 completes:

backstage figures out what happened to Sheamus:

Plan R has an idea for Paige, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch:

Vidence posts an idea:

LadyBlack reacts to Stardust's recent interview:

Primus Flavius has a hope:

suiko drops a GIF:

Jay Sanin had an idea for the Submission Sorority before WWE learned to Google:

Raging Jericholic has an idea for UFC in Dallas:

So does tkatt00:

BenDanGh as a problem with Uhaa Nation's new name. SaskatchewanSpinningNerveHold responds:

TD70 provides much needed clarification:

Plan R calls out a liar. Responses follow:

And finally, Gandhimaster and South of Heaven react to the Twitter exchange between Paige and Scott Hall:


That's it for this week's REC Awards. Tune in for next week's insanity!

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