The Bros B4 Elbows Radio Show: The Piper threw a stool at Mr. T Episode

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When the questions are changed the Bros B4 Elbows team is the best at changing their answers accordingly.

The Bros B4 Elbows show came here to podcast about pro wrestling and chew bubble gum. And we're all out of bubble gum! Dedicated to the memory of the late great Rowdy Roddy Piper rather than elbow drop the week in pro wrestling lets eye poke it and put some topics in a long sleeper hold. Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker at another WrestleMania, Cesaro vs. Owens feud, Hulk Hogan Real American Racist, and Piper memories are some of the topics covered in this brand new Bros B4 Elbows Show!

Topics covered in this episode

-Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman are the perfect pair. Is Undertaker really going over Lesnar at Summerslam?

-The Divas really need to main event an episode of Raw and change their name to the women's division

- Question of the day -What is your favorite Rowdy Roddy Piper memory?

- It was a tire fire of a match. Tune into 42 minutes and 19 seconds of WrestleMania 2 on the WWE Network. Let's watch and commentate on Piper vs. Mr. T at WrestleMania 2!

- Let's give Rowan a new gimmick. Shave his beard? IRS taxman? Repo man?

- Hulkster why are you so racist? We attempt go back in and edit out every Hulk Hogan reference in the first 30 episodes of our show by replacing his name with a honking horn or a sad kazoo

- A RAW recap and review

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