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Cageside Live podcast: Slow News Day edition (August 7, 2015)

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In an attempt to keep our podcasting groove on, Geno Mrosko & Sean Rueter are back to chat about the last few days in pro wrestling.

Things are a little slow in the internet wrestling community (IWC), so in an attempt to spice things up, we're gonna yack at you! What about? Who knows? Maybe what we didn't talk about from Raw, maybe NXT, Ultima Lucha or the rest of Wrasslin' Wednesdays, maybe SmackDown...probably Submission Sorority/PCB...possibly even some actual wrestling.

(Actually, it just turned in to an argument about how to use Ronda Rousey at broadcasting everybody!)

Above is the player for the show, which went live at 1:50PM Eastern).

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