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Terry Crews is a fan of Uhaa Nation's new WWE name

Terry Crews on Twitter

As is typical of a new, WWE-owned name for a popular independent wrestler that the company has signed, reaction was mixed when Uhaa Nation's new moniker was debuted on Wednesday.

But the NXT wrestler, who will make his WWE television debut at TakeOver: Brooklyn in two weeks on August 22, already has one fan - and it's someone whose own name is widely assumed to have influenced the "Apollo Crews" name Uhaa will work under while in Vince McMahon's employ:

The Old Spice pitchman, and star of film & television like The Expendables series, Idiocracy, Brooklyn 99 and Everybody Hates Chris is on-board with the mash-up of his last name and the first name of Carl Weathers' character from the Rocky movies.

And despite complaints and jokes of Vince McMahon giving his new star a name of two athletic black guys that he kind of looks like, the process for name selection as described by numerous signees involves talent submitting a list of names that the office whittles down before the wrestler works with agents and coaches to settle on the winner.

Regardless, President Camacho is on board, so who are we to argue?

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