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The REC Awards: August 23 - 29, 2015

Simon Hofmann/Getty Images

Welp, after a week of a lot of wrestling, a death of a revolution, and controversial social media posts, it is time for some REC Awards. Funny how insane seven days can be.

Imgur messed up the order of some of the comments, so some will be scattered about. However, all of the screenshots that I made were uploaded, so nothing was lost in Imgur oblivion.



Possible reasons Jon Stewart chair shotted John Cena - Sandow's Superior

Diva Devolution: Taking a hard look at the myriad flaws in the #DivaRevolution - Vidence

Why Sting should win the WWE title at Night of Champions AND Bray Wyatt has done something significant and no one has noticed - sheepmask

What Revolution? - GrecoRomanGuy

Pro-Wrestling's Newest Hit Single - Arai

The 'Divas Revolution' is Still a Great Thing - South of Heaven

A Professional's Opinion: Mercedes Martinez on Women's Wrestling and the Divas Revolution - BrassCitySaint

+1 for subtlety - Appledough Chronicles

Lance Storm drops the mic on WWE's Divas Revolution: Look to NXT, bring back Women's title, stop focusing on The Bellas - Sean Rueter


Comments (link to album)

First, MCAngulo has a command. Zentrification, FreddieQuimby, and others respond

Christopher Novak and others debate on the drastic idea for this week's Raw

JimmyV723 and Face Off channel the POP

ThingsandStuff shares good news

Flashking, suiko, and others go fishing

Flashking has an idea. A stunning conversation follows


The Amazing A-hole and kdotj24 drop fact:

Magnus Magnolius has a question. The Amazing A-hole answers, prompting a response from Can o' Beans:

Vidence has a command:

Yourroleandyou, Nick Sid, Brigade17, Doug E. Fresh, and MakeStrongLookReallyRomanReigns mark:

SomePunkKidd gives props:

signor posts a headline:

revengeance has an idea:

ChrisVannini makes a point:

King Henry the 2nd posts a sad tweet:

ChrisVannini responds to the debut of Braun Strowman: enters the Eldazone:

Christopher Novak and Emperoreddy discuss the crowd reactions to the recent women's matches:

YodaMcMahon shows us a saint:

A top top lad gives props:

FuddRuckus marks. CarolINT responds:

samakafuzzy has a question:

shaner5000 has an idea for The New Day:

Hammerhead Smark discuses Jon Stewart's actions at SummerSlam:

TheMasterGeek laments. kdotj24 responds:

Storage Man makes a point:

P_lock tells us something we know:

So does shaqustewart93:

Vidence discusses heel heat. ReverendKain responds:

ItsNeverLupus shows us a great pic:

KiniskiFan sums up Raw:

Boxingnut4324 breaks down Geno's Raw review before marking. Zentrification responds:

Larrymentalboy and Appledough Chronicles discuss the US Title:

Magnus Magnolius lets it all out:

ThePollux8 reacts to Seth Rollins winning at SummerSlam:

LivingInFantasy12 makes a good point:

Face Off has a message:

Larrymentalboy makes a sad point:

TD70 reacts to a rumor:

Scurvydog619 has an idea. The Amazing A-hole and Von Krieger respond:

Boxingnut4324 has an idea for Rey Mysterio. MikeThePatsFan and TotalScrub respond:

Raging Jericholic reacts to a rumor. Rivan King and Zentrification respond:

Boxingnut4324 rages. Kagami disciplines him:

shaqustewart93 reacts to a signing rumor. Zentrification, Midnight Deeds, and Tyler Kayata respond:

Drew Nicholas congratulates WWE:

TheGoose01 has a question. Appledough Chronicles, Midnight Deeds, and Tyler Kayata respond:

SethRollinsChairShot makes a good meme post:

SethRollinsChairShot also reacts to a rumor. Zentrification responds:

Von Krieger and other discuss more drastic stuff:

Larrymentalboy and Boxingnut4324 discuss hot potato. Other meat-related comments follow before Alittude bashes the tag titles:

Rivan King reacts to a great rumor:

LadyBlack reacts to Sasha Banks not wrestling much since Takeover. Doug E. Fresh and TaneeyaTalbot respond:

Midnight Deeds posts a pic. Jomosensual and JimmyV723 respond:

TotalScrub shows us something creepy. Magnus Magnolius responds:

Larrymentalboy figures it out. Zentrification and AntonSirius respond:

MayorOfSuplexCityBitch posts a great GIF:

Flashking makes a great point:

StubobNumbers wonders why Randy Orton is taking some time off. Midnight Deeds responds:

mrsocko uses a bad pun:

TaneeyaTalbot sums up the Divas Revolution. LadyBlack responds:

Raging Jericholic, MayorOfSuplexCityBitch, and Midnight Deeds respond to a rumor:

CMDrunk, Blickenheimer, Jomosensual, tactless86, and The Amazing A-hole discuss TNA:

D3ath_Knell reacts to a rumor:

Raging Jericholic and Brigade17 react to Seth Rollins' SummerSlam ring attire:

Christopher Novak recalls Takeover:

ThePollux8 responds to the Jon Stewart heel turn:

Magnus Magnolius posts the greatest GIF. scorpix_x responds:

Kevin Kostka finds a metaphor:

D.E.O. goes crazy:

Magnus Magnolius has a highlight from SummerSlam. ample_pottery and Midnight Deeds respond:

Kevin Nesgoda responds to Roman Reigns encouraging a chant:

Dr Evil's Anonymous Henchman and Mr. P Teacher react to Lance Storm's remarks about the women:

Stolenmeat posts that great GIF. tactless86 responds:

shaqustewart93 posts a major highlight of Takeover:

So does MCAngulo:

ChrisVannini reacts to Undertaker's controversial win:

MCAngulo reacts to Virgil getting owned:

tactless86 and sherlock1854 talk Power Rangers:

Brigade17 presents meat. MCAngulo responds:

SelasDray imagines a dialogue:

The Amazing A-hole reacts to Zahra Schreiber's Instagram:

So do Giant's Drink, Lordban, and Sean Rueter:

And finally, ItsNeverLupus posts an important comic:


That's it for this week's insanity. Tune in for next week's stuff!

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