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Video: College football coaches are a hit with players & the internet after their pro wrestling match during practice

Holy Cross assistant football coaches Alex Bresner and Steve Cully are enjoying their 15 minutes of internet fame today. A video of the two staging a wrestling match while their team marks out was posted on Twitter Wednesday by another coach of their Patriot League squad, Jon Guynes. It's since gone viral and was picked up by several major media outlets, like USA Today and the CBS Sports video you see above.

Bresner's chops look stiff, and that is a very nice Bionic Elbow he's working with (The American Dream Dusty Rhodes would have been proud...Coach Brez looks like a working man), but he walks right into that chokeslam from Cully.

Though he's uncredited, the MVP of the thirty second video has got to be whatever player passionately and repeatedly calls for a Stone Cold Stunner at the ten second mark.

And speaking of marks, it's really the players that make the clip so awesome. Just a bunch of college guys freaking out when their coaches take a second to make Summer practice fun.

No losers here - especially since Coach Cully doesn't even go for the pin. Enjoy the attention.

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