Bray Wyatt has done something significant and no one has noticed

Whether he has been recruiting new members of the Wyatt Family or just pushing Roman Reigns off a ladder, there’s no doubt that Bray Wyatt’s stock in the WWE has been falling over the past year or so. Ever since that damn John Cena feud, Wyatt has just never been the same. He went from being considered a prophetic cult leader to that homeless guy who shouts about conspiracy theories on the side of the street. But if the WWE had been paying attention to detail to the Bray Wyatt character, then maybe, just maybe, The Eater of Worlds could be extremely significant right now.

When Bray Wyatt debuted on the main roster, his mission seemed to be to get his opponents to unleash the monster within, reject the adulation of the crowd and join him in his family. This was really apparent in Wyatt’s feuds with Daniel Bryan and John Cena. It didn’t matter if Wyatt won his feuds. What mattered was how he changed his opponent during the course of this feud. Wyatt briefly managed to convince Bryan to join his flock, but ultimately he failed on his missions to convert these babyfaces to the dark side. But there is someone he has managed to get to embrace their inner monster. A man who since facing Wyatt has turned more heelish than he has in years.

I am, of course, talking about The Undertaker.

Following his WrestleMania victory over Wyatt, Undertaker returned at Battleground to do the very heelish thing of kicking babyface Brock Lesnar in the balls. Then he did it again. Then he did it again and pretty much cheated to beat the Beast at SummerSlam. Would it be that much of a stretch to suggest that Wyatt’s taunting of the Undertaker to coax him out of hiding before WrestleMania 31, has caused the Phenom to change his tactics and become a bad guy?

Wyatt and Undertaker’s feud did mainly revolve around Wyatt wanting to beat Undertaker to become ‘the new face of fear’. However, due to the cryptic nature of Wyatt’s promos, you could interpret this as Wyatt wanting Undertaker to embrace his true monster. Take Wyatt’s promo on the go-home show to WrestleMania. Bray talks about Undertaker being embarrassed to show the world who he truly is. He talks about how the Undertaker is a liar and hates what he has become. Maybe Undertaker agrees with Wyatt and has decided to embrace the "truth" that all he has nothing now the streak is gone. So he should embrace the anger this causes him and use it to get retribution on the man who took it away from him by any means necessary.

If WWE were to acknowledge this, it could spice up Undertaker’s feud with Brock Lesnar significantly. Seeing as it’s pretty much inevitable that we get Taker-Lesnar III, there’s a chance that this feud could get stale since we’ve already had to see things repeated in it (a la ball kicking). Adding Wyatt to the mix, almost in the Paul Bearer role alongside Undertaker could make for a very interesting dynamic. Add in the rest of the Wyatt Family and you’ve got a new Ministry of Darkness right there. SummerSlam told the story that Undertaker just can’t beat Brock Lesnar fair and square. So now he’s going to pull out the stops to make sure he wins a third time. What better way than getting some backup in to help him?

As full time members of the roster, the Wyatts will allow a way for the Taker-Lesnar feud to stay in people’s minds all the way up to their third match which might be at WrestleMania. It could also give Lesnar a number of fresh and interesting opponents to go up against and would stack the odds against the dominant babyface. Plus the promo battle between Bray Wyatt and Paul Heyman has the potential to be epic. This whole thing could revitalize the Bray Wyatt character and even give Wyatt a bright start in a career as a Manager if WWE wanted to go that way with him.

Now I will admit there are some problems with this idea. First off, it doesn’t 100% make sense with the direction Wyatt took in the build up to the Undertaker feud. And even if Wyatt’s plan was to make Undertaker "embrace the darkness", I don’t know if Wyatt’s idea of that is a couple of low blows. Also Undertaker didn’t show any signs of heelishness in his match with Wyatt at WrestleMania. It was only after he came back at Battleground that he started roshamboing everyone in sight. Either Undertaker is doing the work of Bray Wyatt or Eric Cartman. I also can’t ignore the fact that despite going for the gonads on multiple occasions, Undertaker has still been getting massive cheers from the fans because he’s the freaking Undertaker!

So much for Big Evil, eh?

It is fun to have theories and fill in the sometimes gaping holes in WWE storylines even though we really shouldn’t have to. But if this hole was filled with a Wyatt shaped sealant, then it could be good for everyone involved. Brock Lesnar keeps himself busy until WrestleMania season by taking a few Wyatts to Suplex City. Undertaker gets to be the proper evil and sinister heel instead of a guy who just kicks people in the groin. And, finally, Bray Wyatt could find his way towards the main event status we all thought he was destined for when he debuted.


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