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Sasha Banks bad bump from WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn looks even worse in slow motion (video)

Everybody loved Saturday night's NXT Women's champion match. A spot that is often singled out in describing the thrilling bout is Bayley's top rope reverse rana/poisoned Frankensteiner spot that set-up the finish.

And usually after talking about the move, all involved will say "thank goodness Sasha Banks was alright".

Watching a new Instagram post that shows the throw and subsequent bump in slow motion makes you question whether we can say that, however. Here it is:

A video posted by Tyler Johnson (@tyler41) on

Banks finished the match and participated in the "Curtain Call" moment with NXT's Four Horsewomen afterwards, looking - at least at a glance - like she was fine. But she went on to work less than a minute of the trios Triple Threat match at SummerSlam and was absent at both Raw and the SmackDown tapings earlier this week.

There's been no word out of WWE about any injury or effects from the nasty-looking bump, but WWE's new policy has been to stay extremely quiet on wrestler health until they're 100% sure it will impact storylines.

Could the Divas Revolution be switching focus to PCB vs. Team Bella because of questions about The Boss' availability?

Stay tuned.

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