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TNA Impact Results, Review, & Video (August 26, 2015): The Invasion is on!

TNA Impact aired tonight with another episode from their last Orlando taping.  Let's waste no time and get right to the show


The show opens with Jeff and Matt Hardy.  Jeff talks up the Hardy Brothers legacy and then goes on to say Matt needs one more TNA title shot.  Matt said that match with EC3 could have gone either way.  He thinks he's the person who can take TNA into the future.

EC3 comes out with a response which is the same as its always been:  No.  He is about to leave when Jeff stops him and asks him to explain why he's a jackass.  EC3 says if the fans chant "Matt for Champ" he will give Matt his shot.  The fans do.  Carter gives Matt a rematch with a caveat.  If Matt loses, Jeff must become his personal assistant.  The brothers leave to think it over.

An hour later, Jeff comes out to accept Carter's offer.

Man, EC3 can run circles around the Hardys on the microphone.  Actually, at this point it's really just Jeff, who is an absolutely terrible promo.  Matt has found passion when he speaks, and I will find myself getting into his promos at times.  But Jeff is just bad on the stick.  When his big lines against Carter are "EC3" and then doing a thumbs down gesture and "Why are you a jackass?" you know he's never going to last going promo for promo with Ethan.

As Jeff delivers his duds, Carter comes up with gems like referring to the Hardys as the "Groveler and the Gimp" and referring to Jeff as a "Daredevil who can't stick his landing" mocking his motorcycle crash.

This story isn't hitting the right spots either.  Having a face come out and first have his brother ask for one more match and then asking for another himself, despite losing clean, just looks pathetic.  A babyface should either have a legit gripe for a rematch (i.e. the heel cheated to win) or have earned it.  "One more match" pleas is a heel gimmick.

As for a personal assistant stipulation... well I still have some horror flashbacks to the last time I saw a promotion run a personal assistant story.  However, while Jeff Hardy has the same acting chops as Brie Bella, EC3 has always been hilarious.  I expect some of these segments to be quite funny if it comes to that.

Last bit about the Hardys before I move on.  While they are not my cup of tea when working solo (I'll always dig a Hardys tag team), the crowd seems to always love them.  And that is important.  A crowd that boos the heels and cheers the faces helps sell a wrestling story that may not sell on its own.  The Hardys, and especially Jeff, have that appeal and that does help the stories he's involved in.


Eric Young defeats Chris Melendez via pinfall using the ropes for leverage.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

After the match, Melendez gives EY his leg as per the agreed stipulation.

This story has become flat out baffling.  I almost gave up on it when Melendez lost two in a row, but was sold on round three because of the stipulation that Melendez would put up his prosthetic leg.  The fact that he lost again is just odd.

Perhaps the story is that he's going to go, train hard, and finally get to where he needs to be to finally defeat his White Whale in Eric Young (assuming he has a backup leg at home).  However, TNA has been so inconsistent in the pacing of this story to this date, I have little faith that this is the plan.  Instead, we're very possibly left with a young wrestler with instant babyface appeal who not only constantly loses, but is stupid enough to come back for more and give up his leg.

Admittedly, the image of the deranged young taking an army veteran's leg was an excellent heat seeker.  Especially with Meldendez standing there on his one leg.  I don't understand the appeal of continuing to build up the deranged EY character, but that's partially because I really soured on that character in his poor title feud against Kurt Angle.  (Also the fact that Young looks to be going over in this feud added with the fact that the young Bram just jobbed two in a row to the older Mr. Anderson, makes me question who TNA is trying to build up here.)

The match was also poor this time.  So asides from a cool image of Young actually taking a mans leg, this whole segment was just baffling.


Tigre Uno defeats Sonjay Dutt and DJ Z to retains the X Division title

Meh, who cares?

Seriously, that's what the X Division has come to nowadays.  They barely give any of these guys characters and they never have a story behind the match.  They just have 5-10 minutes to have a match that hopefully will maybe excited the crowd.  When Rockstar Spud is involved in the X Division, he's high profile enough to give a little more care to the matches.  But with him not part of the X Division right now, it's back to just being guys who try to hit cool spots within 5 minutes with no reason to actually get invested.


The Wolves defeat The Revolution (Manik and Abyss) to retain the Tag Team Titles

Storm runs down and tries to take Davey Richards out of the match but Mahabali Shera comes down to neutralize Storm.

The Wolves make everything better.  The Revolution has been a failed stable that's been difficult to watch since the Mickie James/Magnus/Revolution story.  Then they go onto have Khoya, who had no story or characterization at all, randomly defect and take on the name Mahabali Shera.  Last week they had him dance.

But in the middle of a Wolves tag team match that was hot as long as Abyss wasn't in the ring.  (He's pretty much TNA's Kane at this point - he can work but he's been around too long and they've got nothing for him to do.)  When it was Manik fighting for the Revolution, he reminded us that he's an impressive X Division talent, and the Wolves, they put on a fun show.  It's a shame Sanada is no longer with the promotion.  Having him instead of Abyss would have guaranteed a fun, fast paced affair.

It's so easy to find yourself rooting for the Wolves so it makes you angry when Storm tries to cost them the belts and happy when someone neutralizes him.  Sometimes, a story is better when it's something simple, like a face coming out to stop a heel from doing heelish thing.  Instead of dancing.


Brooke defeats Velvet Sky via DQ after the Doll House (Marti Bell) and Jade come down and attack her.  Then they go to attack Velvet in the ring.

Rebel, who hasn't been on TV for months, ran down to pretend to help Velvet but predictably attacked her instead.  Taryn Terrell comes on the screen telling Velvet to welcome the newest member of the Doll House.

This half worked because they this story was half told.

It makes perfect sense that Marti Bell and Jade would attack Velvet because she helped Gail attack Taryn backstage last week  (a heel move if you ask me).  It was never explained to why Velvet helped Gail to begin with so that just came up random and out of place.

It makes sense that Taryn would bolster her ranks because Marti and Jade alone weren't cutting it.  But it's extremely random to just put Rebel there.  We haven't seen Rebel for many months, asides a backstage segment once or twice.  If we barely remember this woman is on the roster, why would we care if she's turning heel?  It was poorly telegraphed too.  Jon Stewart's heel turn was less predictable.

The other issue is this extends a story that shouldn't be extended.  Gail Kim defeated both Jade and Marti Bell.  Now pay it off with the one on one match between Gail and Taryn.  Instead, they add another women to the Doll House, which suggests that this Doll House thing is going to go for awhile longer.  Given the Doll House's track record, that's unfortunate.


Bobby Roode defeats. Mr. Anderson, Bobby Lashley, & James Storm to become #1 Contender for the KOTM title.

Going into this match, the main worry I had was this was four random guys fighting for a shot a title that has no meaning to it yet.  But when the match got started, I was reminded that these are four wrestling veterans that are all good at their jobs.  And because of that, they put on an enjoyable match with some enjoyable spots.

Being a huge fan of Beer Money, they did somethings here I really enjoyed.  Early on, Roode and Storm were both in the ring alone and the crowd was starting to heat up for Beer Money.  Storm quickly looked at the crowd acknowledging he heard the chants, but then he and Roode just started fighting.  That's great early heeling.  The crowd wants Beer Money so don't give it to them.

Turns out that was just building to the pay off where they did give them the quickest of Beer Money reunions.  The crowd was going nuts for it and this time both men really acknowledged the fans that they heard it.  They delivered a double suplex to Anderson and did their beer Money schtick.  However, it was short lived.  Storm tried for his Super Kick but Bobby Roode grabbed it and hit his Roode Bomb instead and pinned his old partner for the win.

Fun all around.  Plus, Roode vs. PJ Black was the match I would have liked to see the most out of all the options here.


Dixie Carter comes to the ring to make her decision to whether or not she'll give Jeff Jarrett booking control.  She says that working with Jeff Jarrett has been a good opportunity and she's happy they got to collaborate again.  She asks Jeff to join her in the ring.  Jeff comes down and talks about something.  Honestly, I was too distracted with the fact the front of his shirt was tucked but the back wasn't to really catch any of it.

Prior to her making her decision, she is interrupted by Drew Galloway.  First he puts over the GFW/TNA joint shows and Jeff Jarrett.  However, he says he recently found footage of the attacks on both himself and Bully Ray.  While neither showed the attacker, he could make out the rental cars that sped off afterwards.  Jeff Jarrett's name was on both cars!  Jeff vehemently denies it.

Karen Jarrett comes out and owns up to being the attacker.  She did it for Jeff, for their family, and for GFW.  Jeff says he didn't ask for it but then he kicks Drew in the groin and the GFW wrestlers come out to put the boots to Galloway.  While some TNA wrestlers came down one by one, like bad guys in a Chuck Norris movie, to stop them, they all ended up getting laid out.

This was so pro wrestling and I ended up absolutely loving it.

Before I get started, I should say the TNA twitter after the show was trying to sell the story that Jeff didn't know but when Karen admitted it, he stood by her.  That'll be a terrible story and isn't how I saw it at all.

The story I saw was great.  The last few weeks, Jeff bides his time getting Dixie to trust him and putting on shows showcasing both his GFW talent and TNA talent evenly.  With Bully taken out (whether it be by him, Karen, or wrestler for him), he makes himself useful, almost indispensable to Dixie.  That way, when he asks to run the show full time, she'll easily say yes.  And as soon as she does, he can use his power to destroy Dixie and her company, taking out competition and enacting revenge against the company that ousted him a year ago.

And he would have gotten away for it too, if it weren't for that meddling Drew.

Oh Drew Galloway.  Of course it was the man with the passion for Professional Wrestling, and apparently a criminology degree, who was the only one able to track down the security tapes and figure out how to trace the plates of the rental cars.  (Again, this is so pro wrestling.)

Calling an audible, Karen decided to deflect blame to herself.  However, Jeff wouldn't let his wife take the fall for their master plan.  Since his scheme was ruined, he delivered a stiff shot to Drew's Scottish beanbags to jump start the GFW's attack on TNA.

I feel like I should have hated this but really ended up loving it.


Pros of the Show:
  • The TNA/GFW war has begun!
  • That ever so brief Beer Money Reunion
  • The Wolves are always awesome
Cons of the Show:
  • Too much random stuff in the women's story
  • The X Division is pretty much dead at this point.
  • Inexplicable booking thus far of Young and Melendez
  • Matt Hardy continuing to demand a title rematch he didn't earn isn't a baby face move
I really enjoyed the ending, but the rest of the show was OK at the better parts and straight up poor at the worse parts.

Grade:  C+

Let us know what you thought of the episode below.

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