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WWE NXT preview (August 26, 2015): Super-size me

Triple H on Twitter

Not only is tonight's episode of NXT on WWE Network giving us 30 extra minutes (it's like getting more wrestling after a time limit draw!), but it's also the rare instance of not needing to read spoiler reports to get the full card.

Of course, if you want a live report from the portions of the full, three and a half hour TakeOver: Brooklyn card that didn't air on Saturday night - including spoilers, we've got one of those for you right here.

Either way, since we know four matches we'll see tonight at 8PM Eastern, let's just dive into each...

Bull Dempsey vs. Elias Sampson

The man, who thanks to Matt Roth will, at least in my mind, forever be known as Bill Dumpster, was exposed by Tyler Breeze as being woefully out of shape and scolded repeatedly by William Regal for it until he embarked on a series of Adult Swim-esque anti-comedy segments where he got "Bull Fit". Though he's probably going to top out in NXT's mid-card, this is his babyface push after his more straight-forward heel push died when he was lost unmpressively in his feud with Baron Corbin.

Sampson is enhancement talent that we've seen getting fed to Rhyno, and doing jobs with various tag partners.

You do the math.

Carmella vs. Eva Marie

What I'm most excited about from this match-up is that by pitting All Red Everything against the female member of The Port Authority in Brooklyn, they're doing away with any pretense of getting a pop for Eva. Even if it's only for one night.

Don't expect a whole heck of a lot in this one. Reports of The Brian Kendrick's prize pupils matches with people other than Shimmer All-Stars have not been favorable, and Carm has shown some promise and overcome doubters to become a plucky underdog face, but she's not a Shimmer All-Star. Expect a quick win for Red.

Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady, Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder vs. Chad Gable, Jason Jordan, Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder

Should be an exciting prelude to the recently announced Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament where (now that the main roster run through New York has come and gone without a Realest Guys call-up) we can safely assume all four of these teams will be contenders for the finals at TakeOver on October 7.

Give them a half-hour, with a heavy focus on letting the heels and Ryder carry the ringwork, to build future angles before putting over the good guys. Because there's very little chance that the team with guys from Queens, Long Island and Jersey aren't going over in NYC...even with Mojo on their squad.

Dana Brooke vs. Charlotte vs. Emma vs. Becky Lynch

Will be very interesting to see how/why they're split two-thirds of the main roster PCB group and the team of Emma & Brooke for this Fatal 4Way. Will we just get a pairs battle for most of it? Would they tease dissention between a couple of the focal points of #DivasRevolution on a pre-taped show for another brand?

Look for one of the heel duo to be booked strong here and probably even come out with a win in order to set her up as the first challenger to Bayley's Women's title. The Hugster has already gone through Char and BEX, and they're both pretty busy being horribly mis-used on the main roster anyway. Nia Jax, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay and (please, please, please) Kanna will get turns down the road. Here's hoping Dark Emma gets a chance at a main event-ish feud for the next TakeOver.


There will probably also be numerous backstage segments or interviews dealing with fallout from the portions of Saturday night that most of us have already seen.

Other stuff to keep an eye on:

- How does Tyler Breeze, and the millions of Uggos like me who adore him, bounce back from his latest setback - a loss to 50 year old Jushin "Thunder" Liger on the biggest show in NXT history?

- Where do new tag champs The Vaudevillains fit into the tag tournament, if at all? Have we seen the last of Blue Pants...especially considering that Alexa Bliss would undoubtedly like another shot at the unsigned fan favorite? What will Ms. Bliss have to say to her boys Blake & Murphy now that the no longer hold gold?

- Samoa Joe wants to get back on the path toward Finn Bálor's NXT title, but Baron Corbin thinks the referee stopped their TakeOver: Brooklyn showdown too soon.

- Who will be Bálor's next challenger now that he proved Tokyo was no fluke?

With so many question to answer, it's probably good NXT has an extra half-hour to address them tonight.

Will they deliver a satisfying follow-up to another great live event? Tune in and watch along with your fellow Cagesiders to find out!

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